Submission of the IUCN WCPA Australia and New Zealand, April 2006

Senate inquiry ino the funding and resources available to meet the objectives of Australia's national parks other conservation reserves and marine protected areas

The IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) commends the Australian Senate for its instigation of this important inquiry. WCPA believes that Australia’s Protected Areas (PAs) constitute a vital and irreplaceable national and international asset. Protected areas remain the most cost effective way of conserving biodiversity. In addition they currently contribute a broad range of important benefits to all Australians, not least being the main attraction of Australia’s 70 billion dollar tourism industry. WCPA believes the value of these areas of land, sea and freshwater will only increase in importance in the future. To sustain and enhance these values the protected area system must be completed and must be managed effectively. This will require a very substantial increase of national commitment, resources and funding from both governments at all levels and other sectors and should have parity with the financial and political stature of the National Action Plan for Salinity and the National Water Initiative.




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Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)
Protected Areas
Protected Areas
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