Plant Resources of Arua and Gopinathpur Beels of Manikganj

Mollah, Abdur Rob; Mannan, Md Abdul; Faisal, Arif Mohammad
IUCN Bangladesh; Sustainable Environment Management Programme (SEMP); UNDP; Bangladesh, Ministry of Environment and Forest

Wetlands in Bangladesh are going through a difficult phase caused by exponential degradation and destruction of these ecosystems and dwindling of their valuable resources. Plant resources are more vulnerable due to over-harvesting and unwise exploitation.

Plant Resources of Arua and Gopinathpur Beels of Manikganj Photo: IUCN

Sustainable plant resource management and conservation of the local flora have to be linked together to provide greater livelihood security for the rural people, especially the poor ones, who depend upon plants for food, fodder, agricultural and household implements, medicine, as well as recreation and entertainment. The data collection for this report also involved participation of the various resource-user groups and local communities. This report is a compilation of the knowledge and experience of the people of Arua and Gopinathpur unions.

Dhaka : IUCN Bangladesh, 2005. 49p. : ill., maps.
ISBN 984-8574-00-X

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