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The Rangelands Observatory Launching Workshop, 4th to 6th June Ahmedabad India

Between 4th and 6th June 2013, IUCN WISP together with the International Land Coalition and MARAG (a grassroots organisation working with the Maaldhari (pastoralist) communities in the India) are holding a launching workshop of the Rangelands Observatory in Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India).

The rangelands observatory is a pilot designed to mobilise a network of organizations to actively contribute to building a global observatory with quantitative and qualitative data on land and investment in rangelands. This will provide information base which in turn can be used to create opportunities for more informed and participatory decision making on tenure, land use and investments in rangelands and the trade offs involved. The project links monitoring of trends in rangelands use and conversion with securing rights for rangeland users.



Photo: wisp

The key agenda for this workshop includes: Defining the networks and partners of the RO and to whom the observatory should be able to talk to: communities, researchers, decision makers, interest groups, investors, Delimitation of the RO territories: glossary, identification of regions concerned by rangeland acquisitions, definition of priority regions for the project, Working Groups and e-writing sessions on: a) methodologies for fieldwork activities, b) analysis of existing data, c) communication strategy, Offered by ILC and the RO project: a) integration of the RO in the wider Land Observatory project, b) definition of Guidelines for assignation of Grants for qualitative research in “hotspot” areas.  Brainstorming about the future setting, partnerships and functioning of the Rangelands Observatory.

For more information about the workshop, please get in touch with Pablo Manzano at Pablo.manzano@iucn.org or Claire Ogali at Claire.ogali@iucn.org .

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