Global Gathering of Women Pastoralist- Mera, India

MERA Declaration

On 21 November in a small village 100km from Ahmedabad, over 200 pastoral women, men and children danced, clapped and banged tambourines to the accompaniment of their jingling jewels and lowing animals. This colourful pageant - a joyous celebration of the inseparable relationship between pastoralists, their animals and land - was a fittingly emotional opening ceremony for a truly historic gathering. This Gathering was sponsored by IFAD and supported by ILC, LPP and WISP. …   | French | Spanish

30 Aug 2012 | Article
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WISP report on pastoralist women - english long

Report - Women's Empowerment in Pastoral Societies

When reading about women in pastoral societies it is common to find reference to their marginalised roles, their hardship, their oppression and their lack of power as opposed to men’s domination, men’s ownership, men’s power and associated patriarchal relations. …   | French | Spanish

20 Jul 2009 | Downloads - document
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GGWP Participant

GGWP Summary Report and Action Plan

This Summary Report captures the key events and outcomes of the Global Gathering of Women Pastoralists and builds upon the discussions and debates held throughout. It contains information about what happened, why, who attended and outlines key challenges women pastoralists must overcome in order to tackle these issues. 

31 Mar 2011 | Downloads - document
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