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Naroo Plains

Enhancing food security in pastoral areas through pastoralism and mobility

The CFS 40 was held in Rome Italy from 7th to 11th October 2013 under the theme "constraints to smallholder investments, biofuels and food security. During this year's event WISP was invited to be part of the plenary at a side event on  "Sustainable, Equitable and Viable food Syatems: civil society messages for the international year of family farming and beyond" …   | French | Spanish

11 Oct 2013 | Article
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Garba Tula drylands project, Kenya

Food crisis in the Sahel in 2012: a Somali déjà vu?

To avoid impending food crises in East Africa, policy makers should act now to ease the cross-border movement of pastoralists, says Pablo Manzano, Global Coordinator of the World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism. …   | French

23 Apr 2012 | Article
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Missing the point in the Horn: Pastoralism is the answer, not the question

In the current food crisis context in the Horn of Africa, media and economic experts are accusing pastoralism of being an ineffective livelihood that is periodically subjected to similar crises. But all evidence points to mobile pastoralism as being part of the solution – not part of the problem – to a crisis that was predictable and predicted. Investments in drylands by government and international aid have to be reoriented, taking into account local ecological conditions as well as local capacities. …  

30 Aug 2011 | News story
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La Granja, Spain

World Gathering of Nomads and Transhumant Herders La Granja, Spain, September 2007

Over a hundred mobile pastoralists from 38 countries and 50 tribes in Africa, America, Asia and Europe gathered in Spain from the 8th to 16th of September 2007 at the World Gathering of Nomadic and Transhumant Pastoralists. The gathering was organized by the team of Red Pastor, Pastomed, the League for Pastoral Peoples, WAMIP, ROPPA, the Indigenous Information Network and a wide consortium of collaborating organisations and supported by numerous very engaged voluntary workers. The event was sponsored by the Spanish Government, the World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism, the International Fund for Agricultural Development and the Christensen Fund. The World Gathering took place in the highland pastureland of La Granja, north of Madrid, and was inaugurated on Saturday the 8th of September 2007 by Portugal's secretary of state for agriculture and animal husbandry, Luis Vieira. …   | French | Spanish

11 Nov 2008 | Event