Business and Biodiversity

Nature is everybody's business. IUCN aims to transform the way business values, manages and invests in nature, highlighting the opportunities and benefits of a more sustainable approach.


Business and government engagements
are key for nature


Business engagement


value of IUCN projects with a business engagement component

Government engagement


countries that have adopted or are developing biodiversity compensation or offset policies

Sustainable investment

 34 %

increase in global sustainable investment between 2016-2018

How we engage

In order to transform the way business values, manages and invests in nature, IUCN engages companies and key sectors to identify their impacts on biodiversity and create innovative solutions to address this challenge.


  • Business for Nature calls on governments to take action Photo: BfN

    Global businesses call on governments to adopt bold actions on nature


    Davos, Switzerland, 21 January 2020 -- Today at the World Economic Forum, Business for Nature - a global coalition of forward-thinking businesses and influential organisations, including IUCN - called for concrete action from governments to deliver a new...

  • A targeted-based approach to biodiversity offsets Photo: GRID Arendal-Lawrence Hislop

    Biodiversity offsetting is contentious: here’s an alternative


    A guest blog by Dr Jeremy Simmonds at The University of Queensland explains an alternative approach to compensating for the residual impacts of development, in a manner that is explicitly linked to the achievement of jurisdictional biodiversity...

  • IUCN-PANORAMA with A Rocha Ghana focuses on shea nut value chain Photo: A Rocha Ghana

    How to generate private financing flows for conservation outcomes


      “We don’t need 50 deals, we need 50,000 deals” was one of the main messages from the recent IUCN-PANORAMA webinar exploring how to generate private financing for conservation outcomes.


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