Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Building capacity for nature conservation in South-Eastern Europe

Training in Bulgaria

Environmental NGOs play significant role in the biodiversity conservation and ecosystems management in SEE. However, they often lack sufficient skills to cooperate with stakeholders and business sector, manage conflicts between nature conservation and development, apply for EU funds and implement EU policy and strategies.

This project aims to develop the capacity of environmental NGOs and foster cross-border cooperation in South-Eastern Europe with a focus on the implementation of the EU policy. The specific objective is to transfer best practices and experience regarding the involvement of and cooperation with stakeholders and business sector concerning nature conservation.


  • Study the best practices of environmental NGOs from the EU25 countries (and publish them in English and Bulgarian);
  • Identify case studies from Bulgaria, Turkey and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on the following topics: a) Involving business sector in the nature conservation, and b) Stakeholders involvement and Financing nature conservation identified and presented;
  • Carry out two training workshops on:
    • communication with business sector and applying for EU funds
    • communication with stakeholders and their involvement into projects’ implementation;
  • Study trip to the EU25 countries and information exchange with environmental NGOs;

Donor: European Commission
Project Leader: Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation – BBF (Bulgaria)
Partners: IUCNTEMA Foundation (Turkey), BALKANI Society(Bulgaria).
Associate: Macedonian Ecological Society (FYROM)

IUCN elaborates a publication on best practices of environmental NGOs from the EU25 countries, provides lectures and presentations on the training workshops and providing training materials and assists in organizing and participation at the study trip. 

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