Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Building capacities for conservation action

The long term objective of the project is to improve capacity of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and government agencies in Serbia and Montenegro responsible for the implementation of conservation policies and actions. The importance of institutions and CSOs working in the field of nature conservation and sustainable development is increasingly recognized. To ensure effective participation in this process, their resources including knowledge, skills and experience in implementing actions for achieving policy objectives should be correspondingly improved.

Implementation of actions is naturally connected to securing resources – human and financial – for realization of projects. Therefore, apart from working for better understanding how policy mechanisms for achieving conservation priorities work, IUCN is improving the skills of stakeholders for effective project management and increased funds absorption. The latter is logically an objective both for recipients and donors. This issue will be addressed also through an improvement of communication flows and exchange between relevant organizations and individuals.

Lack of financial resources is often presented as a major obstacle for the good functioning of organizations and institutions. However, in order to improve the financial abilities, organizations must first develop their capacity to absorb resources effectively. Thus the two processes are closely interlinked and equally important for the successful achievement of conservation objectives. It is expected that the availability of funding opportunities will increase in the future alongside EU accession process. Therefore it is important that both CSOs as well as institutions are prepared for this upcoming opportunity.

Objectives of the project are:

  • To increase capacity of CSOs and nature conservation institutions as regards project management cycle and fundraising;
  • To increase fundraising skills of recipient organizations and effectiveness of implemented actions;
  • To improve information flow and exchange of experiences between government institutions, expert organizations and CSOs by improved use of existing communication platforms.

This 18-months project is funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade and implemented by IUCN Programme Office for South-Eastern Europe in partnership with Young Researchers of Serbia and Center for Protection and Research of Birds of Montenegro

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