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Achieving Biodiversity Conservation in North Macedonia

IUCN ECARO is partnering with UN Environment to assist Macedonian authorities in strengthening national environmental policy through increasing the knowledge of and capacity for species conservation and action planning in the country. More specifically, IUCN ECARO will assist national authorities, research institutes, academia, civil society and experts to prepare national Red Lists and Red List Index as a basis for setting priorities and planning.
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This initiative is part of the overarching UN Environment project Achieving Biodiversity Conservation through Creation and Effective Management of Protected Areas and Mainstreaming Biodiversity into Land Use Planning”, and falls under the second component of this project, which is entitled “Increased effectiveness of biodiversity management”. IUCN ECARO will focus on delivering Outcome 1, which requires a generation of a "Red List Index" for North Macedonia, reflecting the prioritized list of threatened species within the country, as adopted by the Government of North Macedonia.

The initiative includes several data-based activities for prioritisation and Red List assessments, as well as expert consultations, and presentation of results to all relevant stakeholders and the broader public. IUCN ECARO will conduct an analysis of the status of species conservation in North Macedonia and will consult national experts for different taxonomic groups to develop criteria for prioritization of taxonomic groups to be assessed according to the Red List criteria. Once selection criteria are set, and target species groups have been selected, working groups will be set up that will collect all relevant information for the preparation of selected Red Lists. In order to facilitate and streamline the assessments, a training workshop on the application of Red List Categories and Criteria in national context will be conducted by IUCN for a selected number of national experts. This will build national capacity in the red-listing methodology. Red List assessments will be carried out, will be checked for consistency by Red List experts, and species fact sheets will be produced.

The project will also develop a database for red-listing of species which is aligned with the global IUCN Red List database standards and linked to national data systems. This database will serve as a tool to gather all information on Red List assessments over time in North Macedonia, in order to be able to conduct Red List Index calculations. A road map outlining the needs and steps to be taken for calculating Red List Index in North Macedonia will be produced.

For more details about the project contact Maarten HofmanSpecies Conservation Officer 




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