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Dr Nicolaas Jan van Strien (April 1, 1946-February 7, 2008)

Dr Nicolaas Jan van Strien 1946 - 2008


04 Feb 2008 | News story

Winners of the Golden Ark Award 2008 announced

Patricia Medici, Chair of the IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group (TSG) and Charudutt Mishra, a member of the IUCN/SSC Cat Specialist Group are two of the three winners to be awarded the Golden Ark Award in 2008. …  

04 Feb 2008 | News story

MedWet Logo

New MedWet Coordinator

The MedWet Secretariat is pleased to announce thet Mr Adnan Budieri has been appointed as MedWet Coordinator. Adnan Budieri has over 18 years of experience in environmental management focusing o­n wetland, coastal zone and marine management, as well as o­n biodiversity. He has been involved in activities related to the CBD, the Ramsar Convention (representing Jordan at COPs), the World …  

02 Feb 2008 | News story

Auto évaluation du programme zones humides et ressources en eau

L'auto évaluation de ce programme a permis aux participants d'échanger sur les principaux résultats obtenus par les projets PAGEIT (Mali), PAGEV (Burkina et Ghana), KYB (Nigeria) et PPP (Fleuve Sénégal) ainsi que par la coordination du programme.
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02 Feb 2008 | News story

Réunion de coordination sur le PACO

Les responsables seniors des principaux bureaux de l'UICN dans la région ont fait le point sur le processus de création du Programme Régional pour l'Afrique du Centrale et de l'Ouest (PACO). Ils ont passé en revue les questions programmatiques, organisationnelles et financières qui vont permettre à l'UICN de travailler de façon plus efficace.
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02 Feb 2008 | News story

Vision 2025 de l'accès aux énergies modernes au Burkina Faso

Les principaux acteurs du secteur énergétique se sont retrouvés au cours d'un atelier sur la Vison 2025 de l'accès aux services énergétiques modernes au Burkina Faso. Elle vise à favoriser l'accès des populations rurales et périurbaines aux services de cuisson moderne, aux services productifs et au service électrique individuel, etc..
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02 Feb 2008 | News story

To Bee, or Not to Bee…

The plight of pollinators is causing worldwide concern. Not only are population numbers of many formerly abundant species dwindling, some species are disappearing altogether. …  

31 Jan 2008 | News story

Dr Galen Rathbun holding the newly discovered Rhynochocyon udzungwensis, a type of giant elephant shrew, or sengi

Discovery: First New Species Of Giant Elephant-Shrew In 126 Years

Dr. Galen Rathbun, Chair of the IUCN/SSC Afrotheria Specialist Group, and a team of collaborators confirmed the existence of a new species, Rhynochocyon udzungwensis, a type of giant elephant shrew, or sengi, in the mountains of Tanzania.  

31 Jan 2008 | News story

Forests and the European Union Resource Network

Launch of reform agenda in Liberia

A new report, launched in Monrovia today, proposes formalizing customary Liberian land ownership by registering it as private property. This would signal the launch of a reform agenda that would restore the forest land rights of the overwhelming majority of Liberia’s rural populations; made up of poor agrarian families and clans. …  

30 Jan 2008 | International news release

Fish at market

Corruption in fisheries – from bad to worse

Corruption in global fisheries is compounding the devastating effects of overfishing – and the problem could get worse, according to IUCN today …  

29 Jan 2008 | International news release

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