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Bridging science, policy and the implementation of environmental flows

The IUCN Water Programme ran a key session on environmental flows at the CAIWA (International Conference on Adaptive and Integrated Water Management) in Basel on Thursday 15 November. The session addressed the issues of bridging science and policy, and how to move towards implementation of environmental flows. …  

19 Nov 2007 | News story

Valli Moosa, IUCN President

Message from the president


19 Nov 2007 | News story

Phytoplankton bloom off Argentina.

Proposed global warming solution needs more scientific research, IUCN warns

A new method to combat global warming by dumping iron into the sea needs to be treated with caution, governments and scientists warn. …  

19 Nov 2007 | International news release

Shortfin Mako

Mediterranean Sea: most dangerous place on Earth for sharks and rays

More than 40% of shark and ray species in the Mediterranean are threatened with extinction, according to a new report from the World Conservation Union (IUCN) …   | French | Spanish

16 Nov 2007 | International news release

Desarrollo urbano

Urbanismo y desarrollo urbano estrecharán las manos

Organizaciones intergubernamentales, gobiernos locales, organizaciones no gubernamentales y la empresa privada se reunirán durante tres días para discutir el desarrollo de un nuevo paradigma de urbanismo que contemple la variable ambiental y la humana en su propuesta. …  

15 Nov 2007 | International news release

Engadine, World Heritage Site, Switzerland

Switzerland in line for 30 new natural parks

Protected areas in Switzerland will get a huge boost when 30 new parks are established across the country. Switzerland currently has one national park, two natural world heritage sites, Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn and Monte San Giorgio, two regional parks and one biosphere reserve. The 30 new parks are in the planning stage and the Swiss government will invest 10 million Swiss Francs a year to support this. …  

14 Nov 2007 | News story

Lisbon marks major shift in convergence between business and biodiversity

Companies, governments, European Union and NGOs reach agreement on next steps 

13 Nov 2007 | International news release

Oso andino, Ecuador

Seis de las ocho especies de osos del mundo están amenazadas de extinción

De acuerdo con una reciente evaluación de los Grupos de Especialistas en Osos y Osos Polares, Asia y Sudamérica son las áreas que requieren medidas de conservación con mayor urgencia. 

12 Nov 2007 | International news release

Asiatic black bear

Seventy-five percent of bear species threatened with extinction

Six out of the world’s eight species of bears are threatened with extinction, according to recent assessments by the IUCN Bear and Polar Bear Specialist Groups. Asia and South America are revealed as the areas most in need of urgent conservation action …   | French | Spanish

12 Nov 2007 | International news release


Expanding efforts to conserve biodiversity is imperative

On November 12-13, 2007, in Lisbon, Businesses came together with governments and civil society organization in Europe to discuss how business might best fulfill their role in addressing the biodiversity conservation challenges facing the society. …  

12 Nov 2007 | News story

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