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Conservation with Justice: A Rights-based Approach

As there is no generally accepted definition of a rights-based approach to conservation, multiple interpretations exist which leads to confusion when the term is used. The Environmental Law Centre (ELC) has initiated further research and debate about the application of such an approach in order to evaluate the potential merit of the concept and enable it to be ‘operationalized’. …  

10 Dec 2007 | News story

The Voices of Members: Global Survey of IUCN Members

Results of the First Global Survey of IUCN Members

More than 500 members from all regions made their views known on their satisfaction as a member of IUCN in the first global Survey of IUCN Members. …  

06 Dec 2007 | News story

Global Experts Meet to Assess Species' Vulnerability to Climate Change

A four-day Species Vulnerability Traits workshop was hosted jointly by Imperial College London, IUCN Species Programme and IUCN Species Survival Commission (hereafter referred to jointly as IUCN) and the Zoological Society of London. …  

05 Dec 2007 | News story

Waterfall in Paksong district, Lao

International organizations launch initiatives for sustainable water use in Asia Pacific

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have launched concrete initiatives to achieve more sustainable management of precious water resources in the Asia Pacific region. …  

05 Dec 2007 | News story

Barcelona Congress

B for Barcelona, biodiversity and beauty

The logo for the next IUCN World Conservation Congress has been officially unveiled. The Congress, to be held in Barcelona from 5-14 October 2008, will celebrate diversity and how natural diversity underpins social, cultural and economic diversity. …  

05 Dec 2007 | News story

"Four Factors" poster

"Bốn nhân tố: Những vấn đề của phát triển và toàn cầu hoá"

Ngày 3/12/2007 - Đại sứ quán Pháp tại Việt Nam, hợp tác với đại học Tous Les Savoirs (Université di Tous Les Savoirs - UTLS ) và Hiệp hội bảo tồn thiên nhiên thế giới, đã tổ chức sáu buổi hội thảo chuyên đề với chủ đề "Những thay đổi toàn cầu và các vấn đề của toàn cầu hoá" Tuần lễ hội thảo khoa học về các vấn đề cấp bách hiện nay. Bắt đầu vào lúc 18:30 hàng ngày, từ 10/12 đến 15/12 năm 2007, ở "I'Espace" - Trung tâm văn hoá Pháp tại Hà Nội, 24 Tràng Tiền. …  

03 Dec 2007 | News story

"Four Factors" poster

“Four factors: The problems of development and globalization.”

3 December 2007 – The Embassy of France in Vietnam in collaboration with Université de Tous Les Savoirs – UTLS and The World Conservation Union have organized six special workshops on that address the theme: “Global changes and problems of globalization” …  

03 Dec 2007 | News story

Zambezi field trip

Victoria Falls Integrated water supply - Managing water supply for domestic use and the environment

VICTORIA FALLS – There is an urgent need to start effectively and efficiently managing our water resources. This message and demonstration of an ongoing effort in Southern Africa to manage and conserve this precious resource was conveyed to communicators and policy makers attending the Zambezi Stakeholders Forum in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe from November 27th-29th. …  

30 Nov 2007 | News story


IUCN Sri Lanka partners the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in the Best Corporate Citizens Awards 2007

The Ten Best Corporate Citizens Awards 2007, a gala CSR awards ceremony organised by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC), was held on November 29, 2007 at the Oak Room of the Cinnamon Grand Hotel. …  

29 Nov 2007 | News story


Siete nuevos miembros sudamericanos se incorporan a la Unión

Durante la última reunión del Consejo de la Unión Mundial para la Naturaleza (UICN), celebrada en Johanesburgo, siete organizaciones sudamericanas fueron aceptadas para ser parte de la membresía de la UICN 

28 Nov 2007 | News story

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