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First boats sail to Barcelona

The Jadran has left its port of departure, and is now sailing to the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Barcelona.           …  

24 Sep 2008 | News story

Local volunteers ensure a beached sea turtle is released to the ocean

Chương trình Rùa Biển của IUCN hỗ trợ công tác quản lý ở các cấp

Các quan chức chính phủ, đại diện các trường học, và thành viên cộng đồng tham gia vào một sáng kiến của IUCN Việt Nam nhằm thực hiện Kế Hoạch Hành động Quốc gia về Bảo tồn Rùa Biển đến 2010 (MTCAP) cho biết các hoạt động đã giúp hỗ trợ công tác quản lý nhằm đạt được mục tiêu của Kế hoạch Hành động. …  

23 Sep 2008 | News story

Local volunteers ensure a beached sea turtle is released to the ocean

IUCN’s Marine Turtle Program Supports Management on Many Levels

Government officials, school administrators and community members involved in an IUCN VN initiative to implement the National Marine Turtle Conservation Action Plan to 2010 (MTCAP) said the activities helped provide the management support needed to reach the plan’s goals. …  

23 Sep 2008 | News story

Javan Gibbon, Hylobates moloch, Endangered, Indonesia.


人类近亲——猴、猿及其它物种正逐渐从地球表面销声匿迹,部分将被“吃”绝。 …   | Chinese

22 Sep 2008 | News story


National experts meet to improve implementation of international environmental agreements in Georgia

The IUCN Programme Office for the Southern Caucasus has convened the third national stakeholder workshop within the TEMATEA component of the project “Halting the loss of Biodiversity in the Southern Caucasus”, which is funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

19 Sep 2008 | News story

Blanca Herrera de CODDEFFAGOLF, le entregó la antorcha a Fundación Vida, ganadora del premio 2008

Antorcha ambiental cambió de manos

La Ceiba hondureña fue el escenario que acogió a los representantes de la Fundación Vida, organización ganadora del Premio Antorcha Ambiental 2008. …  

19 Sep 2008 | International news release

Marovo Lagoon - Stuart Chape

Pacific Film Festival Targets Climate Change

Suva – 17 September - The first ever Pacific Climate Change Film Festival is set to commence in Suva with an official launch on Monday 22 September followed by a two-day extravaganza of 17 films made by film-makers from 10 Pacific island nations. The Festival is the culmination of the Pacific Climate Change Film Project during which film-makers from a number of Pacific islands received training and guidance on developing films focused on climate change. …  

19 Sep 2008 | News story

Cascada Azul, Chipas, México.

México se une a UICN como Estado miembro

Julia Marton-Lefèvre, directora general de UICN, y Grethel Aguilar, directora Regional de UICN Mesoamérica, anunciaron la incorporación del Gobierno de México como Estado Miembro de la UICN. …  

18 Sep 2008 | International news release

Barcelona Congress

Law and Governance Journey at the WCC Forum

Latest news about the WCC Forum in Barcelona: Information about the various thematic Journeys, leading participants to selections of Forum events, are now available on the Congress website! One of these Journeys is on Law and Governance.

18 Sep 2008 | News story


Water Journey @ World Conservation Congress

The Water Programme has created a journey for Congress participants as a guide through the Forum leading into the Business Assembly. The water journey's goal is to share knowledge, build understanding and form new partnerships; looking at watersheds as systems and finding solutions for balancing different water uses. This journey explores the success stories of IUCN's Water Programme demonstration sites and profiles the work of IUCN Members. Each event illustrates that cooperation and interdisciplinary approaches are imperative in water resource management decisions. …  

17 Sep 2008 | News story

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