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18th-century book

Russia's Central Scientific Agricultural Library Celebrates 80th Anniversary

Eight decades ago, in July 1930, a library affiliated with the USSR Agricultural Academy was set up to support research and practical activities. This year the library celebrates 80 years of experience in education and communication. From Dr. Nina G. Dobrynina, CEC member. 

31 Jul 2010 | News story

Resin of the Guggul tree (Commiphora wightii)

Education and Awareness in the 'Save Guggul Movement'

CEC member Vineet Soni is carrying out education awareness programmes in his ‘Save Guggul Movement’ to raise awareness among local rural and tribal people in Rajasthan about the IUCN red-listed plant Commiphora wightii.  …  

31 Jul 2010 | News story

Séance d’explication sur l’importance des chauves souris.

Protection des Chauves souris en Algerie

Les chauves-souris nous rendent d’énormes services en nous débarrassant d’insectes nuisibles et surtout des moustiques. Pour mieux les préserver nous avons commencé un travail d’information pour la connaissance de cet animal fragile. Par un membre de la CEC en Algérie, Mourad Ahmim. …  

31 Jul 2010 | News story

Learning and Leadership

Reflections on Developing 'Best Practice' Case Studies

In many project documents and programme concept notes you see mention of building on 'best practice'. But how exactly do you go about collecting this, and in what form can you use it? Gillian Martin Mehers, CEC Specialty Group Leader, takes a 'how to' approach to documenting best practice. …  

31 Jul 2010 | News story

Online Database on Dams in Amazonia

Click on interactive maps for a visual display of scientific information in this online database about dams in Amazonia. The website is being developed by CEC member Federico González Brizzio of Argentina. …  

31 Jul 2010 | News story

John Francis, IUCN CEC Regional Vice-chair

Recommended Reads on Communication for Conservation

The article "Appeal to the Heart" and the book "Don't be Such a Scientist" challenge misconceptions about how to communicate to the public about conservation. From John Francis, CEC Regional Vice-Chair for North America and the Caribbean. …  

31 Jul 2010 | News story

Knuckles Mountain Range, Central Highlands of Sri Lanka

Hawai’i and Sri Lanka added to the World Heritage List

The Central Highlands of Sri Lanka and Papahānaumokuākea in Hawai’i were added to the list of World Heritage sites by UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, currently meeting in Brasilia. The Committee continues its consideration of natural sites for inscription. …   | Spanish

31 Jul 2010 | International news release

REDD Readiness Requires Radical Reform - Report

Fight against global warming to benefit Ghana's forests and people if long standing challenges are addressed

Ghana’s forests, and the communities that live close to them, may be about to get a lucky break as the world scrambles to find reliable methods to fight the growing threat of climate change. …  

30 Jul 2010 | International news release

This in not a jeweled toad.

ARKive's Most Wanted Species: Photo Hunt

ARKive is on the hunt for the planet’s most wanted -- tracking down photographs for over 17,000 of the world’s most endangered species. ARKive is an initiative of Wildscreen, where CEC Steering Committee member Harriet Nimmo is Chief Executive. …  

30 Jul 2010 | News story

European Association of Zoos and Aquaria

Fact Sheets: Out of fashion but still fantastically functional

How can you pull together information in a format that lends itself to both print and online distribution, that can be easily updated, and that doesn’t cost too much either time-wise or financially? We chose the good old-fashioned fact sheet, says CEC member Eoghan O’Sullivan. …  

30 Jul 2010 | News story

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