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Facilitators solicited stakeholder comments at a meeting to revise the draft WFE preparatory framework.

IUCN hỗ trợ dự thảo tài liệu khung về Nước cho lương thực và hệ sinh thái

Các bên liên quan đã thảo luận và góp ý lần cuối để sửa đổi một tài liệu khung dự thảo nhằm hài hoà hai nhu cầu sử dụng nước lớn nhất ở Việt Nam là nông nghiệp và các hệ sinh thái, tại hội thảo ngày 19 tháng 1 năm 2009 do IUCN hỗ trợ tổ chức. …  

20 Jan 2009 | News story
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Facilitators solicited stakeholder comments at a meeting to revise the draft WFE preparatory framework.

IUCN-Supported Framework to Facilitate Water for Food and Ecosystems Strategy

Stakeholders provided their final comments at a 19 January 2009 workshop to revise an IUCN-supported draft framework that seeks to integrate Viet Nam’s two largest water users: ecosystems and agriculture. …  

20 Jan 2009 | News story

Jen Palmer

The Society for Conservation Biology Elects IUCN Marine Program Officer to Board of Directors

IUCN US is proud to announce that Jennifer Palmer, our resident Marine Program Officer, has been elected to sit on the Society for Conservation Biology’s Board of Directors - Marine Section. …  

15 Jan 2009 | News story


Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network: Looking to the Future of the World's Coral Reefs

As the International Year of the Reef came to an end, it seemed fitting to announce the release of ‘Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2008’, an international report that reminds us that our work on global coral reefs has only just begun. …  

15 Jan 2009 | News story


Biodiversity in a Rapidly Changing World

The 9th National Conference on Science, Policy and Environment (NCSE) was held earlier this month at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington D.C. and members of IUCN US were there to lend their expertise and support.   …  

15 Jan 2009 | News story

Sea bass Harvest - Tirukkovil

Improving Livelihoods of Coastal Communities: novel cage culture experience from Tirukkovil

Under the Mangroves for the Future coastal management programme, the Sri Lanka Country Office of IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature is implementing a project on post-tsunami ecosystem restoration in the Ampara District with financial assistance of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).   

15 Jan 2009 | News story
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5 SVBC publications

5 new publications from the Strengthening Voices for Better Choices project

SVBC has issued five new publications on its work in Asia, Africa and Latin America …  

14 Jan 2009 | News story

Federal Minister of Environment addressing the Regional Climate Change Conference

Climate change to have devastating effect on many sectors, experts warn; the poorest to be worst hit

Islamabad, Pakistan, 14 January, 2009 (IUCN) – Weather patterns in the future will be characterised by intensity and extremes, and the effects will be felt in a wide range of sectors from agriculture and water resource management to health and infrastructure. This was stated by experts participating in the two-day regional conference, “Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities for South Asia.” …  

14 Jan 2009 | International news release


New year brings a new Legal Officer to ELC

John Costenbader has joined the team at the Environmental Law Centre as a Legal Officer. …  

13 Jan 2009 | News story

IUCN logo

IUCN statement on the situation in Gaza

Like many other international organizations, the International Union for Conservation of Nature is supporting the call for an immediate cease-fire in the current military operations in Gaza. Political and military questions aside, IUCN believes that the serious humanitarian and environmental crisis unfolding in Gaza has to be addressed without delay. …  

13 Jan 2009 | News story

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