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Summit of Mt. Halla

Eleven sites added to global Geoparks Network

UNESCO 5.10.10 - During the 9th European Geoparks Conference on the island of Lesvos (Greece) from 1 to 5 October, the Global Geoparks Network Bureau admitted 11 new members in nine countries. The Global Network of National Geoparks, created under the aegis of UNESCO in 2004, now comprises 77 Geoparks in 24 countries around the world. …  

12 Oct 2010 | News story

ILUC video

Indirect effects of biofuels explained

Indirect Land Use Change (iLUC) is a central issue to the sustainability of industrial scale biofuels. This video introduces the viewer to the concept and the challenges it poses to us all. …  

12 Oct 2010 | Video

Community participation workshop, Morogoro (Tanzania)

The Way Forward for Water User Associations, Tanzania

IUCN together with the Pangani River Basin Management Project and Global Water Initiative partners held a 3 day workshop on sharing experiences around community participation in water resources management in Morogoro, Tanzania from 14 to 16 September. …  

12 Oct 2010 | News story

Diked managed marsh, Sonoma County

Managing Wetlands for Climate Change Mitigation: Towards a greenhouse gas offset protocol for tidal wetlands

Coastal and marine ecosystems constitute an important, but often overlooked ally in the battle against climate change. Tidal salt marshes for instance make up 1-2% of the overall carbon sink in the USA, but coastal wetlands have often been drained, filled and converted to other uses, such as agriculture. …  

12 Oct 2010 | News story

Atlas - Biodiversity of the Francophonie

Launch of the Atlas of Biodiversity in the Francophonie

For the first time ever, a comprehensive analysis of the state of biodiversity in 67 countries has been prepared and published by IUCN and the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF) as a tribute to the International Year of Biodiversity. …  

11 Oct 2010 | News story

Success story of the day: Nagoya

Story featured in the Made in Countdown 2010 publication: Nagoya joined Countdown 2010 and engaged the city in initiatives to strengthen cooperation among departments and enhance public awareness of biodiversity. In March 2010, the city launched the “2050 Nagoya Strategy for Biodiversity”, an important document whose drafting started in 2008. This strategy will serve as a long-term policy for transforming Nagoya into a sustainable city which coexists in harmony with nature. It presents a vision for the year 2050 and four sub-strategies based on the conservation and restoration of nature, and lifestyle change. …  

11 Oct 2010 | News story

World Water Week, Stockholm: The Water Quality Challenge, 5-11 Sept 2010

Debating NEGOTIATE: toolkit on reaching agreements over water

WANI's latest toolkit NEGOTIATE was a hot topic of discussion at last month’s Water Week in Stockholm. More than 100 participants joined in a debate on negotiating water agreements and the 4R’s: rewards, risks, rights, and responsibilities in water deliberations. …  

11 Oct 2010 | News story

Enrique Lahmann

Stepping up support for IUCN Members

IUCN’s Membership Unit in the Constituency Support Group has stepped up its work to enhance the services provided to IUCN Members and to provide greater opportunities for networking and the sharing of resources and information. Here, Dr. Enrique Lahmann, Director of the Constituency Support Group, outlines some of the most recent developments and initiatives. …   | French | Spanish

10 Oct 2010 | Article

Sharing water, through better governance

Transboundary waters governance in Central America

Strengthening knowledge and capacities for shared waters  governance was the aim of a high-level workshop in El Salvador facilitated by IUCN. …  

08 Oct 2010 | News story

Planted forest landscape, Brazil

Mitigating the impacts of biofuel production

 IUCN and Shell are working with a wide range of stakeholders to gain a shared understanding of how to mitigate the impacts of biofuel production caused by indirect land use change. …  

08 Oct 2010 | Article
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