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Javier Garat, Secretario General de CEPESCA

UICN y Cepesca estrecharán su colaboración

UICN y Cepesca estrecharán su colaboración para lograr una actividad pesquera más sostenible y asegurar una mayor conservación de los ecosistemas marinos …  

15 Sep 2009 | News story
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Find environment experts at the touch of a button

An Ecosystem Services Expert Directory is now available for free online. Journalists, business leaders and governments can use the directory to search hundreds of environment experts from organizations such as IUCN, the Ecological Society of America and the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment’s working groups. …   | French | Spanish

15 Sep 2009 | News story


WILD about climate change

For the first time ever, the WWC will convene in Latin America from 6-13 November, in the city of Merida, Yucatan, in the heart of the Mayan world. Many of the world’s leading conservation experts, politicians, academics, corporations, artists, native peoples, students and many others will gather in Merida, Mexico to debate and act upon the most urgent environmental issues of our time.  …  

14 Sep 2009 | News story

Camels in Ksar Ghilane in South Tunisia

Desert power

As climate change escalates, the world is increasingly looking to engineered solutions to reduce carbon emissions and provide sustainable energy. Recently the focus has turned on deserts and how they can be used to supply large amounts of renewable energy which is causing some concern among environmentalists. …  

14 Sep 2009 | News story

Protected Areas: facing the challenges

An IUCN-led workshop on the future of the CBD Programme of work on Protected Areas, started today in Jeju Island, South Korea. The workshop will focus on ways to address the new challenges to protected areas, including climate change. …  

14 Sep 2009 | News story

La UICN avanza en una iniciativa para la Cuenca del Plata

En una reunión convocada por la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (UICN) en Buenos Aires autoridades gubernamentales y de organismos internacionales, especialistas y organizaciones miembro de la UICN de Argentina, Brasil, Bolivia, Paraguay y Uruguay discutieron una propuesta socioambiental para la Cuenca del Plata. La iniciativa está enfocada a revertir la degradación ambiental, con énfasis en la conservación de la biodiversidad, el uso sostenible de los recursos naturales y la equidad social. La Cuenca del Plata, identificada como una de las más vulnerables a los impactos del cambio climático, ofrece recursos y servicios ambientales a 130 millones de personas y provee de agua dulce a más de 50 grandes ciudades incluyendo Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Asunción, Brasilia y San Pablo.

11 Sep 2009 | News story
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Vue des participants pendant la réunion

GWI et autorités de l’Est réunis autour du CLE de la Sirba

Les 26 et 27 août 2009 à Fada N’Gourma,  s’est tenue une réunion de concertation sur la mise en place du Comité Local de l’Eau (CLE) en queue du sous bassin de la Sirba,  dans la salle de conférence de la Direction Régionale de l’Agriculture, de l’Hydraulique et des Ressources Halieutiques de l’Est (DRAHRH-Est).

11 Sep 2009 | News story
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Photo de famille des participants

Les partenaires LLS évaluent les progrès des activités dans le TNS Cameroun et tirent des leçons.

En collaboration avec ses partenaires, le Programme Paysages et Moyens d’Existence (LLS) de l’UICN a organisé la 2ème réunion semi annuelle de suivi évaluation participatif à Yokadouma au Cameroun du 21 au 28 Août 2009. …  

10 Sep 2009 | News story

Convention on Biological Diversity

Looking to the Future of the CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas

The International Workshop will be held in Jeju Island, Republic of Korea, 14-17 September 2009, and will be focusing on reviewing the CBD Programme of Work on Protected Areas.   

09 Sep 2009 | International news release
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The vaquita of the Gulf of California is well on its way to extinction. The cause is bycatch in fishing nets

IPCC for the Oceans?

A new report was presented to a United Nations General Assembly Ad Hoc Working Group of the Whole in New York last week which provides governments with options for establishing an assessment process for better understanding ocean processes through an integrated framework. The Working Group developed recommendations for this year’s General Assembly that provide a way forward for establishing a regular global marine assessment process, with further agreement on certain modalities to be worked out in 2010.  …  

08 Sep 2009 | News story

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