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Windturbine and rapeseed

US IUCN Members comment on recent climate legislation

US IUCN Members have commented on the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 approved by the US House of Representatives. …  

03 Sep 2009 | News story

The only live adult Saola ever seen by the outside world. This female was captured in 1996 in Laos by local villagers, and transferred to a nearby menagerie, but survived only a few weeks. Copyright 1996 by W. Robichaud/WCS.

Last chance to save Saola from extinction – IUCN

One of the world’s most enigmatic mammals, the Saola (Pseudoryx nghetinhensis), could be on the brink of extinction, according to a group of experts who held an emergency meeting in Lao PDR to try to save the animal. …  

03 Sep 2009 | International news release

Bleached coral head, Bahamas.

Use ecosystems to fight climate change, says study

Investing in the Earth’s multi-trillion dollar ecosystems can counter climate change and help climate-proof vulnerable economies, according to the latest update by The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity. …  

02 Sep 2009 | News story

A blackbreasted pipefish in the Red Sea, Egypt

Red Sea, White Coral?

What is the potential effect of climate change on Red Sea coral reefs and tourism in Egypt? Kuoni, HEPCA, IUCN and local tour operators are working in partnership to address this issue. …  

02 Sep 2009 | News story


México: Congreso Mundial de Tierras Silvestres

Del 6 al 13 de noviembre se celebrará en Mérida, México, el 9º Congreso Mundial de Tierras Silvestres. Este Congreso, que se realizará por primera vez en América Latina, lleva más de 30 años de historia de conservación y es hoy el foro público internacional más antiguo para el debate y la acción en los temas ambientales. …  

02 Sep 2009 | International news release
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Syrian bear

Pro Natura – depuis 100 ans au service de la nature

Au début, il y eut la volonté de faire œuvre de pionnier: en 1909, des représentants de la Commission suisse pour la protection de la nature mirent sur pied une association dans le but de concrétiser l’idée d’un Parc national suisse. Ces pionniers voulaient offrir de l’espace à une nature mise sous pression par l’industrialisation et le tourisme. Ce fut le début d’une histoire riche et mouvementée qui s’est écoulée sur un siècle – et qui se poursuit. Cent ans d’histoire au cours desquels une grande organisation réunissant des bénévoles et des salariés a toujours su évoluer entre nature et technique. …  

02 Sep 2009 | International news release

A new vision for drylands

Dr Mike Mortimore, a member of IUCN’s Commission on Ecosystem Management, outlines his vision for the world’s drylands and what’s needed to achieve it. …  

02 Sep 2009 | News story
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Robin Yarrow, IUCN Regional Councillor

New Regional Councillor for Oceania

Mr. Robin Yarrow has been elected as Regional Councillor for Oceania, replacing Mr. Lionel Gibson, and will hold office until the close of the next ordinary session of the World Conservation Congress in 2012. …  

02 Sep 2009 | News story

Wild Aisan Elephant in Bangladesh

IUCN Members in Asia

We are pleased to inform you that a series of web pages on and for IUCN members in Asia has been launched . …  

01 Sep 2009 | News story

Solenopsis invicta, red imported fire ant

Protect your ports against invasive species

Ports and trade hotspots in the United States should have better ways to detect invasive species and more rapid response protocols, according to a new report from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).  …  

01 Sep 2009 | News story

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