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Marine Protected Area, fish and coral at Nha Trang

Authoritative platform on biodiversity and ecosystems to be established

IUCN and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBSCD) have today announced their support for the establishment of an overarching platform to provide independent policy‐relevant information on biodiversity and ecosystem services. …  

07 Jun 2010 | News story

World Environment Day 2010

World Environment Day: Stop and think about life

Today, 5 June, we celebrate World Environment Day, with the theme: “Many Species. One Planet. One Future.” Let everyone hear this urgent call to conserve the diversity of life on our planet. …  

05 Jun 2010 | News story

World Environment Day 2010 Celebrated at Ziarat

IUCN Pakistan, Ziarat Office celebrated World Environment Day on 5th June 2010 at Ziarat with participation of more than 250 students and teachers from eight different secondary schools and colleges. The Minister of Forest Balochistan, Mr. Akhundzada Abdul Samad was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Among others, the Deputy Commissioner Ziarat, Mr. Mohammad Siddique Mandokhail, different government officials, representatives of local NGOs, civil society, notables and community members participated in the event. …  

05 Jun 2010 | International news release


III Foro de ciudades sostenibles apunta a la gestión territorial, la reducción del riesgo y la exclusión social

Por tercer año consecutivo se celebrará el Foro de Ciudades Sostenibles, en esta ocasión se llevará a cabo el 10 y 11 de junio y tendrá como temas principales de reflexión la gestión territorial, la reducción del riesgo y la exclusión social. El encuentro tendrá lugar en el Hotel Raddisson Europa, en San José Costa Rica y contará con la participación de profesionales, técnicos y autoridades políticas relacionadas con la gestión del territorio principalmente en Centroamérica, pero también con representantes de México y Suramérica. …  

05 Jun 2010 | News story
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Journalists trained for environmental and investigative reporting

Pakistan, 4 June 2010 (IUCN): ‘Investigative reporting is one of the highest calling for journalists; it is one of the best ways we can serve our public and our democracy’, Dr. Sherry Ricchiardi, Professor, School of Journalism, Indiana University. …  

04 Jun 2010 | News story

BMA network

Biodiversity Media Alliance links journalists with the web of life

Journalists worldwide now have a vital new resource to help their reporting on the world’s biodiversity, what its decline means for humanity, and how it can be tackled. …  

04 Jun 2010 | News story

Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente, 2010

Muchas especies, un planeta, un futuro

Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente, 5 de Junio 2010.  “Las especies amenazadas son el barómetro de la vida: reflejan el estado de conservación del resto de especies y ecosistemas donde viven, ofrecen una forma práctica y efectiva de enfrentar los retos de conservación de la biodiversidad”, indica Jon Paul Rodríguez, Vicepresidente de la Comisión de Supervivencia de Especies de la UICN. …  

04 Jun 2010 | News story
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Indian Orchids under Threat

India has a rich diversity of over 1,200 species of tropical and temperate orchids, including many with floriculturally and therapeutically proven traits. The majority of them are, however, endangered due to unregulated commercial collection and habitat destruction. …  

04 Jun 2010 | News story

IUCN Conservation Centre

Walking the talk - IUCN opens one of Europe’s greenest office buildings

Gland, Switzerland, 4 June 2010 (IUCN) – IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, inaugurates its new Conservation Centre today, setting a benchmark for sustainable office construction. …   | French | Spanish

04 Jun 2010 | International news release

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