Hugo Echeverría, miembro de la Comisión Mundial de Derecho Ambiental de la UICN.

Amicus Curiae and the right of access to justice in environmental causes

Hugo Echeverria, member of IUCN’S World Commission on Environmental Law, talks about a law proposal on Amicus Curiae, submitted a few weeks ago at Ecuador’s Legislative Power. …   | Spanish

26 Apr 2013 | News story
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Wieng Nong Lom, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Wieng Nong Lom-wetland is not wasteland

Marking the World Wetlands Day 2013, IUCN's Mekong Water Dialogues, together with partners such as the Thailand Research Fund, the Thai Water Partnership and the Wieng Nong Lom community gathered to discuss the current situation and options for future protection of their wetland, traditions, culture and community life. …  

25 Apr 2013 | Article
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Iniciativa SEED.

SEED premiará iniciativas empresariales innovadoras

El plazo de presentación de candidaturas comienza el 16 de abril de 2013 y finaliza el 12 de junio de 2013 a las 23:59 horas CET. …  

25 Apr 2013 | News story

Unconsolidated sea dike in front of vegetable plots at Mo O, Soc Trang Province

Soc Trang community prepares to adapt to climate change

The Mekong Delta is one of the parts of the world projected to be most impacted by sea level rise. And within the Delta, the coastal districts of Soc Trang Province are considered particularly vulnerable because of the very flat topography. Local people are already observing higher high tides and stronger wave action that break the unconsolidated earth dike that protects them from the sea. The EU-funded project Building Coastal Resilience (BCR) is working in Mo O, a small village in Trung Binh Commune to build local capacity to address this threat. …   | Vietnamese

25 Apr 2013 | Article
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Xekong fisher women

Empowering women fishers in Sekong River Basin

IUCN Lao PDR held a Mekong Water Dialogue workshop in Attapeu, southern Lao PDR on 7 February 2013. The objective of the workshop was to gather information about the participation of women fishers in community-managed fisheries in the Sekong River basin. The overall purpose of this initiative was to help stakeholders in making informed decisions to promote gender integration into overall fisheries related policy planning and implementation. …  

24 Apr 2013 | Article
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Cuadernillo para el aula: Aprendiendo sobre la Gestión de los Residuos Sólidos Urbanos

El mismo ofrece una base teórica-práctica para el abordaje de la temática de residuos sólidos urbanos y sus implicancias. Esta enmarcado en la campaña de concientización “Pará, pensá, separá”, dentro del Plan Provincial para la Gestión Integral de Residuos Sólidos Urbanos, de la Comarca del Valle Inferior del río Chubut-Península Valdés. …  

24 Apr 2013 | News story


Participatory video workshop reflects on climate in Goshoba, Sundarbans

Earthcare Outreach Trust of Delhi, India, conducted a 10-day Participatory Video Workshop on the island of Goshoba in the Sunderbans. Climate fragile, with tigers on the land and salt water crocs and sharks in the water. CEC member Krishnendu Bose reports. …  

24 Apr 2013 | News story

CEC member Rod DeArmon holds black bear cub in Iowa, USA

Iowa Politics and Conservation Meet

IUCN CEC Member and CEO of Pella Wildlife Company Ron DeArmond discuss funding for the Iowa Water and Land Legacy Act as well as funding for the Resource Enhancement and Protection Conservation Education Program with state law makers at the capital of Iowa, USA. …  

24 Apr 2013 | News story

La Fête de la Nature

Fête de la Nature 2013 : les petites bêtes sont à l’honneur

La Fête de la Nature propose aux Français de métropole et d’Outre-Mer, de célébrer la nature durant cinq jours, à travers des milliers de manifestations gratuites organisées dans la nature et sur l’ensemble du territoire. …  

24 Apr 2013 | News story

Carlos Micilio, Consultora Urbano Ambiental, CEC member

Blogging about waste management and more

CEC member Carlos Micilio of Argentina invites CEC members to consider his philosophical blog on the environment. …  

24 Apr 2013 | News story