SPICEH Co-chair Update

20 November 2013 | Article

Juanita Cabrera Lopez shares some of the highlights of SPIECH work to date including involvement in development of The Natural Resource Governance Framework (NRGF) and meetings with regional networks of indigenous peoples.

The NRGF is an opportunity for the IUCN to rethink and be a leader of a new conservation ethic. SPICEH has been engaged in the NRGF process because indigenous peoples are rights holders of their lands, territories, environment and natural resources.  As rights holders, indigenous peoples must be fully involved in all processes affecting their lands, territories, environment and natural resources. 

Some of the largest concentrations of natural resources globally are within indigenous peoples lands and territories therefore SPICEH is actively working to ensure the NRGF process includes the full and effective participation of indigenous peoples in the development, implementation, and evaluation of this framework consistent with international human rights law, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (Declaration) and the IUCN’s own resolutions.