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Municipalities for local biodiversity protection

Many Hungarian cities, towns and villages shelter an unexpectedly rich biodiversity. Municipalities can do a lot to protect biodiversity and to provide healthy and liveable surroundings for their citizens and for future generations.  …  

01 Mar 2012 | Article
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Watering a school vegetable garden on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. IUCN and partners are promoting water education so that future generations can benefit from development based on sustainable and equitable use of water.

Putting nature in the equation

Nature is the missing, fourth dimension of the water-food-energy security nexus, says Dr Mark Smith, Director of IUCN’s Water Programme. …  

01 Mar 2012 | Article
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One of the perks of the job!

Navigating the politics of water

“Alternatives, dialogue and innovation can provide most of the answers to today’s water management problems.” …  

01 Mar 2012 | Article

Sixaola River, border Costa Rica and Panama

A helping hand in Central America

Life is not easy for people living in the Sixaola River watershed on the Caribbean side of the Costa Rica—Panama border. But help is at hand from IUCN and partners. …  

01 Mar 2012 | News story

The future of Arctic enterprise:
Long-term outlook and implications

The future of Arctic enterprise: Long-term outlook and implications

Over the next 20 years, shipping, oil and gas, mining, tourism and aquaculture will be the key sectors of economic activity in the Arctic marine environment. A new report ‘The future of Arctic enterprise: Long-term outlook and implications’ focuses on the outlook for the development of existing and new economic activity in the Arctic marine region. …  

29 Feb 2012 | News story

Présidium de la cérémonie de lancement du projet

Adaptation au Changement Climatique : l’UICN Burkina Faso et l’AGEREF/CL renforcent les stratégies et les actions d’adaptation dans la Comoé - Léraba

Le Mardi 28 Février 2012 à Banfora, dans la Région des Cascades s’est tenu en effet le lancement du projet « Améliorer les moyens de subsistance en s’adaptant au changement climatique au niveau du site de la Comoé - Léraba.» …  

29 Feb 2012 | News story
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La deuxième session de travail du groupe d’apprentissage GIRE dans la partie Est du Burkina Faso s’est tenue le 14 février dernier à Fada N’Gourma …  

29 Feb 2012 | News story
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El 12% de las especies marinas del Pacífico este Tropical en peligro

De acuerdo a un estudio realizado por la UICN y miembros, el 12% de las especies marinas estudiadas en el Golfo de California, las costas de Panamá, Costa Rica y las cinco islas y archipiélagos del Pacífico este Tropical, se encuentran en peligro de extinción. La mayores amenazas a la flora y fauna de la región se deben a la sobre pesca, pérdida del hábitat natural e incremento del impacto por parte del fenómeno climático El Niño. …  

29 Feb 2012 | Article
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Anatoly Lebedev

ENPI FLEG Program consultant receives a prestigious UN award

The official closing ceremony of the International Year of Forests held on 9 February 2012 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York included a special ceremony of awarding UN Forest Heroes.   …  

29 Feb 2012 | News story
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African Elephant (Loxodonta africana)

Sale of Elephant Meat Increases Threat to Elephants in Central Africa

Elephant meat in Central Africa has an earning potential that could exceed that of ivory according to a new report by the IUCN SSC African Elephant Specialist Group and the CITES Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants (MIKE) programme. To prevent a future increase in elephant poaching, consumer demand for elephant products must be reduced and law enforcement efforts should be focused on those who commission and fund the elephant hunting parties. …  

28 Feb 2012 | News story