Afrique Centrale : Les Ministres en charge de l’environnement et des forêts en session extraordinaire

Réunis en Session extraordinaire à Kinshsa le 18 Mai 2011, les Ministres en charge de l’Environnement et des Forêts des pays membres de la COMIFAC ont examiné les rapports d'audit financiers et comptable, organisationnel et institutionnel de la COMIFAC et des institutions partenaires (OAB, ADIE, OCFSA). Ils ont également déclaré une position commune sur la préparation des échéances de négociations futures post Cancun d’un nouveau régime climat post-Kyoto 2012. …  

26 May 2011 | News story
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View of logging road in the Cameroon Forests

Investing in nature—the road ahead

With growing realization among governments and the private sector that we must invest more in nature, how can the international community help make this happen? …  

26 May 2011 | News story

Photo ASAN

Les Amis de la Nature réclament une politique climatique plus durable pour l’Afrique

Dans le cadre de la Conférence internationale « Changement climatique et biodiversité – quel avenir pour l’Afrique ? », 200 Amis de la Nature provenant du Sénégal, d’autres pays d’Afrique occidentale et d’Europe ont réclamé, le 14 mai, à Dakar/Sénégal, une politique climatique plus durable pour l’Afrique. La conférence organisée en même temps que la Conférence annuelle des Présidents de l’Internationale des Amis de la Nature s’est tenue pour la première fois en Afrique. …  

26 May 2011 | News story
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Building Resilience of Water Supply and Sanitation

IUCN supports partnership on sustainable sanitation and water management

The IUCN Water Programme recently engaged in a partnership on sustainable sanitation and water management, to share knowledge and contribute to a new comprehensive toolbox which links water management, sanitation, and agriculture. …  

26 May 2011 | News story


Consultation Workshop on Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction for Sustainable Development

IUCN, UNEP, UNDP in partnership with Central Environmental Authority and Disaster Management Centre of Sri Lanka organized the above event.  The Opening Ceremony of the Consultative Workshop on Ecosystem-based Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) for Sustainable Development kicked off at The Albatross, Waters Edge, Capital City, Battaramulla, on Tuesday, 24 May, 2011 among a large gathering of expertise in the field.   

26 May 2011 | News story
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"Love, Not Loss" is a video about communicating biodiversity

Video in Arabic, Chinese, French, Hebrew and Spanish: Love. Not Loss.

This popular video is now available in six languages. Screen it at your next event and start people talking about how to 'communicate biodiversity'. …  

24 May 2011 | News story

Khawa Board of Trustees developing their Community Environmental Action Plan.

Communities participate in identifying solutions to landscape and natural resource management issues in Khawa, Botswana

 Community representatives of Khawa in the Kgalagadi district of Botswana met recently to develop a community environmental action plan for their area. The participatory workshop was hosted by Orange-Senqu River Commission (ORASECOM) in partnership with IUCN and identified key and relevant actions that could address some of the environmental and socio-economic challenges in the village. …  

24 May 2011 | News story
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Erosion côtière

Faire face aux risques côtiers en Afrique de l’Ouest

En vue de réduire les risques liés à l’érosion côtière, onze pays côtiers d’Afrique de l’Ouest se sont dotés d’un schéma directeur d’aménagement du littoral, avec le soutien de l’Union économique et monétaire ouest-africaine (UEMOA). …  

23 May 2011 | News story

Brent B platform - North Sea

Decommissioning oil and gas facilities in the North Sea

For many years, the North Sea has been linked to the production of oil and gas and the platforms that extract these natural resources. Yet with declining oil and gas reserves, more than 600 oil and gas facilities will become candidates for decommissioning over the coming decades. The decommissioning and disposal of these installations is the subject of extensive debate as the right balance has to be found between technical feasibility, environmental protection, health and safety, cost, and public opinion. …  

23 May 2011 | News story

Central African Republic flag

IUCN welcomes the Central African Republic, a new Member State

The Government of the Central African Republic has officially announced its decision to become an IUCN State Member by endorsing the Union’s Statutes. It has appointed the Ministry for Water, Forests, Hunting and Fisheries as the focal liaison point with IUCN’s Secretariat. …   | French | Spanish

20 May 2011 | News story