July 2011

Vida Silvestre, Uruguay

Plaguicidas ponen en peligro la biodiversidad de sitio RAMSAR en Uruguay

El proyecto “Evaluación participativa de plaguicidas en el sitio RAMSAR, Parque Nacional Esteros de Farrapos e Islas del Río Uruguay”, fue desarrollado por la organización Vida Silvestre Uruguay, con financiación del Programa de Fondos para Ecosistemas del Comité Holandés de UICN (EGP-UICN Holanda). …  

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Joe Zammit Lucia

Web of Life Foundation writing competition

CEC member Dr Joe Zammit-Lucia introduces his new Foundation and invites entries to its environmental writing competition. The deadline is December 2011.   …  

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Santuario de Flora Plantas Medicinales: Orito Ingi – Ande

Newsletter on REDD+ in Latin America

CEC member Carolina Hoyos shares news of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility in Latin America and the Caribbean, with links to the REDD+ in LAC Newsletter Issue 2 / Boletin Electronico sobre REDD+ en LAC. 

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Leba Mataitini, CEC National Activator, Fiji

CEC National Activator speaks on women and forests in Fiji

Ms. Leba Mataitini shares news of events organized for International Women’s Day in Fiji.

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Barbara EHRINGHAUS, 1e prix Suisse 2010

CEC member Barbara Ehringhaus wins 'Terre de Femmes' prize

Honored for her devotion to Mont Blanc, this member of CEC and WCPA received the "Terre de Femmes" international award from the Yves Rocher Foundation. 

06 Jul 2011 | News story

Creating change through video and the art of storytelling

Vacancy: Reporter and Participatory Video Facilitator in Mali

An audiovisual storyteller is needed for an international media project to be launched in September 2011. Posted by Imke Gilsing of IUCN NL. …  

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Wantok Moana logo

Wantok Moana sets sail

Driven by their passion for marine science and conservation, a group of young enthusiasts at the University of the South Pacific have formed the first Marine Studies Student’s Association entitled Wantok Moana. …  

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Orange-eyed green tree frog

Tiere Live: Children, animals and biodiversity education

CEC's Katalin Czippan shares news of a special project with animals and children in Bavarian schools and other educational settings. A handbook featuring 64 activities is now in translation. …  

06 Jul 2011 | News story

IUCN Science and Learning Officer and CEC Focal Point

CEC at the World Scout Jamboree

IUCN will be taking an active part in the upcoming World Scout Jamboree in Rinkaby, Sweden, with a team of people from the Commission on Education and Communication (CEC). …  

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Online Facilitation - Adapting to a Virtual Environment with Free(mium) Tools

This list of useful tips and resources for communication and facilitation are shared by CEC Special Advisor on Learning & Leadership Gillian Martin Mehers and CEC member Lizzie Crudgington. …  

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