Cursos VICAM de Educación Ambiental en el Altiplano

Se trabaja la revalorización y resignificación de los camélidos domésticos (llamas) y silvestres (vicuñas) para el buen vivir, la conservación del ambiente y la cultura andina. …  

12 Feb 2011 | News story

French Committee

Lettre d'information de la CEC

Nous avons le plaisir de vous adresser ce jour le premier numéro de la lettre d’information de la Commission Education et Communication du Comité français de l’UICN. …  

12 Feb 2011 | News story

Dieter Gross, CEC member

Results of survey on UNESCO goals for Education for Sustainable Development

A German-Japanese survey analyzed UNESCO's action goals for the second half of the UNDESD. …  

12 Feb 2011 | News story

Participants at the My Island – My Community national workshop in Tobago built on a the regional initiative to create a national campaign plan that focuses on local issues.

Soap operas promote conservation and biodiversity in 16 countries

Gorilla, tiger and dancing coral fish mascots are coming to communities in the Caribbean, Africa and Asia through communications campaigns supported by PCI-Media Impact. …  

12 Feb 2011 | News story

Khuraijam Jibankumar Singh distribution prizes during Imphal Campaign of the "Worldwide Save Loktak Lake Campaign"

Environmental Youth Summit of Manipur

A series of programmes to raise awareness among youth in the northeast Indian state of Manipur have been organized by CEC member Khuraijam Jibankumar Sing. …  

12 Feb 2011 | News story

A campaign for European zoos will focus on apes like this infant orangutan

Ape conservation takes centre stage for Europe’s zoos in 2011

Every year EAZA focuses on a different group of threatened species - this year the focus is on the great apes and the gibbons. …  

12 Feb 2011 | News story

India’s challenge - WC - Issue 2 - 2009

TERI event: Youth Unite for Voluntary Action on Climate Change

In India, TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) in partnership with Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports held its third YUVA Meet in February. …  

12 Feb 2011 | News story

Silver birch near Tampere, Finland

New book: An Educational Study with Foucault and Rousseau

Consider the ethics of sustainability in relation to education and environmental challenges after reading this book by IUCN CEC member Lili-Ann Wolff. …  

12 Feb 2011 | News story

'Building peace for Sri Lanka, the power of biodiversity' is a WebTV production of David Without Borders

See biodiversity in Sri Lanka and Jordan: Eco-documentaries from David Without Borders

View the latest videos from the eco-adventure team David Without Borders, with CEC member David Aimé.

12 Feb 2011 | News story

West Africa

Newsletter du PREE Decembre 2010

Programme Regional d'Education a l'Environnement est une initiative du PRCM, Programme Régional de Conservation de la Zone Côtière et Marine d‘Afrique de l‘Ouest. …  

12 Feb 2011 | News story