SHARE published in Russian: Вместе, Управление трансграничными водами

12 April 2011 | News story

WANI's latest toolkit translation offers "Share - managing water across boundaries" in Russian. The translated version provides Russian audiences with an overview of the world's shared water resources, and insights for managing these.

Transboudary rivers are increasingly being drawn upon to meet competing demands. The newly released Russian version of Share includes a range of potential costs and benefits of cooperation, and of non-cooperation, and principles and mechanisms for sharing the benefits that derive from water.

The Interstate Commission for Water Coordination (ICWC), approached the IUCN Water Programme with a request to translate ‘Share’. Five independent countries, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, are entirely or partly situated on the territory of the Aral Sea basin, and thus share this precious watershed basin in Central Asia. Water managers in this region will greatly benefit from the toolkit in their pursuit of applying best practice in water resource management at an integrated basin-wide scale,” said Paul Grigoriev, IUCN Programme Coordinator for Europe.

Using case studies from around the world, Share describes the challenges of constructing legal frameworks, institutions, management processes and financing, as well as partnership strategies to govern transboundary waters equitably and sustainably.

Share presents practical tools to help practitioners and stakeholders conceptualize and implement cooperative, participatory and sustainable water management.

The 5th publication in the WANI Toolkit series, Share emphasizes the value of information, communication, institutions and adaptability. It also underscores the broad range of benefits that can be derived through cooperative management of international rivers and the need for equity in benefit sharing, particularly with regard to project-affected people.

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