Children in Yemen walking for long distances to get water. Waqf Fund can provide sustainable funding for water projects in the region.

Putting a price tag on nature’s services – new book

Cutting-edge science and striking photography are combined in a new book about ecosystem services, biodiversity and human well-being. …  

09 Nov 2009 | News story

المشاركين في دورة تدريب المدربين حول النوع الاجتماعي والتغير المناخي

تضمين النوع الاجتماعي في محادثات التغير المناخي

خلفيـــة: بات من المعتقد لسنوات عديدة بأن الآثار السلبية الناتجة عن التغير المناخي والجهود المبذولة للتخفيف من حدتها تؤثر بنفس القدر على الرجال والنساء. ولكن العالم قد أدرك بأن النساء والرجال يواجهون التغير المناخي بطريقة متباينة، حيث لوحظ بأن عدم المساواة بين المرأة والرجل قد أضعف دور المرأة في مواجهة هذا التحدي. وقد تبين بأن المرأة لها دور فاعل في القدرة على التغيير وفي قدراتها المعرفية الملموسة فيما يتعلق بالتكيف مع التحديات المناخية والتخفيف من آثارها، مما يجسد أهمية دور المرأة في هذا المجال.   …  

08 Nov 2009 | News story

Multi-stakeholder design of forest governance and accountability arrangements in Equator province, Democratic Republic of Congo

Multi-stakeholder arrangements for improving forest governance and accountability

IUCN and Wageningen International (part of the Wageningen University & Research Centre) have just published the results of a joint study of forest governance and accountability arrangements in Equator province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). …  

06 Nov 2009 | News story

Africa Ministerial Council on Water

IUCN at Africa Water Week

Mainstreaming climate change in integrated water resources management will be a key topic at the 2nd Africa Water Week in Johannesburg, 9-13 November. …  

06 Nov 2009 | News story

Lee Dudley

The European Green Belt - a Chance For People and Nature

During the 22nd to the 24th of October 2009 a major conference entitled The European Green Belt - a Chance For People and Nature was held in Linz. …  

06 Nov 2009 | News story

Neil Cox, Mike Hoffman, Martin Sneary

A Mini Barcelona in DC

Last week saw IUCN's Director General, Julia Marton-Lefèvre, and Deputy Director General, Bill Jackson, complete a whistle-stop tour of Washington D.C. in which they met with key players within the Capitol from the State Department to the World Bank. …  

05 Nov 2009 | News story interactive platform now online

The programme, coordinated by the IUCN Netherlands National Committee, is a learning network to facilitate linking and learning between Non-Governmental Organisations working in the field of nature conservation and poverty alleviation. As part of this programme they have just launched a new online interactive platform: 

05 Nov 2009 | News story

DFID workshop group photo

Coming to Terms with Governance Workshop, Bangkok , 15th -16th October 2009

"Coming to terms with governance"  was the focus of a workshop in Bangkok, 15- 16 October. …  

05 Nov 2009 | News story
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Women discussion group in Tenedba-Eastern Sudan

Milestone Gender and Climate Change Agreement on Horizon

The Copenhagen agreement may be the first to recognize the gender dimensions of climate change, saving the lives of millions of women and children and taking a major step toward addressing the human impacts of climate change. …  

05 Nov 2009 | News story