Forests in Lebanon

Lebanese Council of Ministers approves the new National Forest Fires Strategy supported by IUCN-Med

Lebanon´s well known and unique Cedrus libani forests have been the object of a constant quest to control the access and trade of its valuable timber for millennia. A new national strategy, supported by IUCN-Med was approved on 15 May by the Council of Ministers. This strategy  integrates the need for adapting to climate change in order to reduce the risk of harmful fires and build ecological and social resilience to the impacts of global change. As project leader, this is a significant achievement for IUCN-Med and places it in an excellent position for the implementation phase.  | Spanish

16 May 2009 | News story

Portada publicación El clima cambió: ¿hacia dónde vamos?

El clima cambió: ¿hacia dónde vamos?

Hernán Sorhuet, miembro de la Comisión de Educación y Comunicación, realizó el lanzamiento de su publicación el Clima cambió. ¿Hacia dónde vamos? …  

15 May 2009 | News story
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Marine Protected Area, fish and coral at Nha Trang

Marine Protected Areas receive welcome boost

One of the cornerstones of improved ocean management – the establishment of networks of marine protected areas (MPAs) in the world’s oceans - received a strong endorsement from the representatives from 76 countries at the World Ocean Conference (WOC) in Manado (Indonesia) today.  

15 May 2009 | News story

Signature de l'Accord APV UE-Rep. du Congo

L'Union Européenne et la République du Congo veulent limiter le commerce du bois illégal

Le Samedi 09 mai 2009, la République du Congo et la Commission européenne ont signé à Brazzaville, un Accord de Partenariat Volontaire (APV) destiné à lutter contre l’exploitation et l’exportation illégales des bois tropicaux. …  

15 May 2009 | News story
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Mamanuca Islands, Fiji

Ocean life in Oceania

Pacific Islanders have a long history of connection to the oceans. It features in their dance, art, and provides sustenance for life. …  

15 May 2009 | News story

Tuna Longliners in the Cook Islands

Longline fishermen quizzed by IUCN

IUCN Oceania’s marine programme is currently collecting information from longline fishermen about the fish they catch at seamounts, underwater mountains. …  

15 May 2009 | News story

Julia Marton-Lefèvre

Don't forget environment, IUCN tells UN

World leaders must consider the environment if they want to ensure people enjoy a sustainable and dignified life. That was the message IUCN Director General Julia Marton-Lefèvre gave in her keynote address to the High-Level Ministerial segment of the 17th session of the United Nations Commission of Sustainable Development (CSD), held in New York from May 4 to 15. …  

14 May 2009 | News story

Desert dune, Qatar

Ecosystem approach is the way forward

The newly established IUCN drylands programme stepped out in style for the first time at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development in New York by convening a Learning Centre on the ecosystem approach. It was the first outreach engagement of the programme at a large international meeting of the United Nations. …  

14 May 2009 | News story

MFF at World Ocean Conference 2009

MFF Announces the first call for project proposals in Indonesia at the World Ocean Conference in Manado

MFF together with partners from University of Rhode Island, NOAA, USAID and Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesia held a one-day workshop on Climate Change Adaptation Strategies and Actions for Coastal Areas as one of the key side events at the World Ocean Conference, Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia 11 May, 2009. 

13 May 2009 | News story

Pájaro. Mindo, Ecuador

Gobiernos y empresas del mundo se comprometen a reducir la pérdida de la biodiversidad

 El 19 de mayo comenzará en Lima, Perú, una importante reunión de alto nivel, donde gobiernos y organismos regionales integrantes del Convenio de Diversidad Biológica discutirán sobre los avances e intereses sudamericanos respecto a la Meta 2010. …  

12 May 2009 | News story
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