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ABS in the Antarctic?

The Government of the Netherlands hosted an Intergovernmental Meeting of Experts on Biological Prospecting in the Antarctic Treaty Area in Baarn, Netherlands on 3-5 February 2009. …  

11 Feb 2009 | News story
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A marine turtle in the Red Sea, Egypt

S.O.S. - Save Our Seas

by Dan Laffoley, marine vice-chairman of IUCN's World Commission on Protected Areas, and Sylvia Earle, founder of the Deep Search Foundation.

Could the oceans become the place where humanity finally gets its act together? Or will we become the victim of the many environmental threats now coming together? …  

11 Feb 2009 | News story
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Mining in the Philippines

Global Reporting Initiative Releases Mining & Metals Supplement for Public Comment

The Global Reporting Initiative has released the Mining and Metals Sector Supplement for public comment. …  

09 Feb 2009 | News story

Green Infrastructure

Economic meltdown and the rise of nature - Investing in green infrastructure

by Tamas Marghescu, Regional Director for Pan-Europe

Our economies are tumbling and millions of people all over the world are losing their jobs. Politicians in the North are responding to the current global economic crisis in the same manner as their forebears responded to the Great Depression, around three quarters of a century ago. To stimulate an economic resurgence and create new employment, governments are inter alia, using public, financial resources to invest in the construction of infrastructure (roads, airports, railways etc.). …  

09 Feb 2009 | News story
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A. Iza signs for IUCN

Cooperation with CIESIN on MEA data

IUCN and CIESIN ( Centre for International Earth Science Information Network, Columbia University) have signed a cooperation agreement regarding the further use and development of the IUCN data on Multilateral Environmental Agreements ( MEAs), which are one of the components of IUCN ELC's contribution to ECOLEX (see ECOLEX.org). …  

09 Feb 2009 | News story
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European Wild Cat

Presence of Wild Cat in Thayatal confirmed in 2008

Josef Plank, member of the provincial government, welcomes contribution to conservation of biodiversity (Hardegg, January 2009) …  

06 Feb 2009 | News story

Tagging a Cinereous Vulture.

The Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds becomes the first IUCN Member in Armenia

IUCN welcomes the Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds as its first NGO Member in Armenia. ASPB was admitted as an NGO Member by the IUCN Council at its 72th meeting on 2-4 February 2009.  

04 Feb 2009 | News story
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Organically grown grapes.

Elkana joins IUCN

The Georgian Biological Farming Association Elkana is the latest addition to the growing IUCN network in Georgia.  Elkana was admitted as an NGO Member at the 72nd Council meeting on 2-4 February, 2009.     …  

04 Feb 2009 | News story
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Members of the IUCN Council. February 2009.

IUCN looks ahead to next four years

As the IUCN Council meets for the first time since its election at the World Conservation Congress in October 2008, the President, Commission Chairs and Director General set out their vision for the next four years. …  

04 Feb 2009 | News story

Identify birds, plants and butterflies - easy, fast and free online service

Easily Identify Species with New Online Service from CEC Member in Finland

CEC looks forward to welcoming new member Mauri Ahlberg, a professor whose R&D team of Eija and Jouko Lehmuskallio created a fast and free online service for species identification. Designed for Finland, the idea can be replicated anywhere. 

03 Feb 2009 | News story
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