CEL Steering Committee meeting, 2007, Brazil

Moving the CEL agenda ahead

The IUCN-Commission on Environmental Law Steering Committee had its annual meeting in the Parque Estadual Intervales in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. …  

22 May 2007 | News story

Canarios. Tráfico de especies

La pérdida de la biodiversidad, es una pérdida del ser humano

22 de mayo: Día Mundial de la Biodiversidad 

21 May 2007 | News story

Iranian Woman

Members, Commissions and Experts of The World Conservation Union gather in Tehran for The 6th Regional Conservation Forum (RCF)

Around 80 IUCN members representing governments and civil societies from the West Asia, Central Asia and North Africa region are gathering in Tehran – Iran during May 22-25, 2007 to develop the regional conservation agenda. …  

20 May 2007 | News story

Fast track to Barcelona

The World Conservation Union (IUCN) is picking up speed on the road to Barcelona where the 4th IUCN World Conservation Congress will be held in 2008. IUCN Vice President Puri Canals today briefed the Union’s Council on plans for the Congress. …  

16 May 2007 | News story

Report of the Second Meeting Released

Sakhalin Energy and the Western Gray Whale Advisory Panel, convened by the World Conservation Union (IUCN), have agreed to work together on seismic surveys and oil spill prevention, preparedness and response. These are some of the threats to the critically endangered Western Gray Whales from the oil and gas development in the whales’ feeding area, off Sakhalin Island.    …  

10 May 2007 | News story

Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs represented by Dr. Mustafa Fouda signed the Countdown 2010 Declaration with IUCN Director General Ms. Julia Marton-Lefevre.

Egypt, the First Arab Country to sign the Countdown 2010 Declaration

The Egyptian Government has taken a significant step ahead in nature conservation when the Egyptian Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs represented by Dr. Mustafa Fouda signed the Countdown 2010 Declaration with IUCN Director General Ms. Julia Marton-Lefevre on April 30th 2007 to significantly reduce the loss of biodiversity by the year 2010. …  

10 May 2007 | News story

Survey of coral  growth in Weh Island,Indonesia

Indonesian survey demonstrates that marine protected areas accelerate coral recovery

Marine protected areas greatly boost both coral recovery and the abundance of coral reef fish. This is the main finding of a survey on coral reefs in the northern Sumatran islands of Weh and Aceh earlier this year. Set up mainly to monitor the recovery of corals following the 2004 tsunami, the 2007 survey found that human management had a greater impact on reef fish abundance than the tsunami. …  

04 May 2007 | News story

Innovative solution for shared waters

During the 7th Water and Nature (WANI) Coordination team meeting in Burkina Faso, the WANI team focused on the project for improving water governance in the Volta Basin (known as PAGEV by its French acronym), implemented by IUCN and the Directorate of Water Resources (DGRE) of Burkina Faso and the Water Resources Commission (WRC) of Ghana. …  

04 May 2007 | News story

Andrea Athanas presenting IUCN's statement to the UN CSD

Linking energy, ecosystems and livelihoods at UN CSD15

IUCN delivered a statement and released a position paper urging the CSD to link energy, ecosystems and livelihoods for sustainable development. …  

02 May 2007 | News story

Supporting the development of a new Nature Reserve Law in China

A new Nature Reserve Law is currently under development by the Environmental Protection and Resources Conservation Committee (EPRCC) of the National People’s Congress in China. …  

30 Apr 2007 | News story

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