Sebastian Winkler, Head, Countdown 2010

IUCN's Countdown 2010 Partners Step Up for Biodiversity Day

IUCN's Coundown 2010 Initiative has been holding its Partners’ Assembly at the CBD meeting in Bonn on International Biodiversity Day (May 22, 2008). …  

22 May 2008 | Audio

David Sheppard, Head of IUCN's Protected Areas Programme

Protected Areas at CBD: Interview with David Sheppard

Protected areas are an important element in the battle to save animals, birds, marine life, plants and other natural wonders. It's also a major topic up for discussion at the CBD meeting in Bonn. David Sheppard is the Head of IUCN's Programme on Protected Areas - he explains the big issues. Run Audio 

21 May 2008 | Audio

IUCN's invasive species expert Geoffrey Howard

Interview with invasives expert Geoffrey Howard

Countries should avoid planting crops for biofuels that stand a high risk of becoming invasive species, according to a report released today.
The Global Invasive Species Programme has identified all the crops currently being used or considered for biofuel production and ranked them according to the risk they pose of becoming invasive species. IUCN's Geoffrey Howard explains.   Run audio 

20 May 2008 | Audio

Ali Statersfield 
Head of Acience, Bird Life

The 2008 IUCN Red List Birds Update: Interview

The 2008 IUCN Red List Birds Update makes grim reading with 1,226 species of birds threatened with extinction.
Ali Statersfield, Head of Science at the Bird Life Secretariat, tells Brian Thomson about the IUCN's Red List Bird Update. Run Audio 

19 May 2008 | Audio

Ahmed Djoghlaf, Executive Secretary of CBD, with participants in IUCN's gender workshop, 17-18 May 2008

Gender Workshop at CBD

IUCN’s Gender Programme held a workshop this weekend to show women the way of making the most of the CBD experience. Brian Thomson asked IUCN’s Loraina Aguilar why now. English MP3   …  

19 May 2008 | Audio

Biodiversity through the eyes of Constanza's 4 years old daughter

Interview with IUCN's Constanza Martinez

With only two years left to reach the 2010 biodiversity target, the upcoming meeting on the Convention on Biological Diversity is a rare and last opportunity for action. IUCN will use this chance to address the crisis related to the rapid loss of biodiversity. Constanza Martinez of the Global Policy Unit will tell us more about the Union’s role in Bonn and its major expectations for the future. …  

21 Apr 2008 | Audio