Global Experts Meet to Assess Species' Vulnerability to Climate Change

05 December 2007 | News story

A four-day Species Vulnerability Traits workshop was hosted jointly by Imperial College London, IUCN Species Programme and IUCN Species Survival Commission (hereafter referred to jointly as IUCN) and the Zoological Society of London.

It formed an important early step in two new projects that aim to identify the traits that predispose species to elevated vulnerability to extinction, particularly due to the impacts of climate change. The workshop was attended by 31 biologists whose expertise spanned a broad range of taxonomic groups and biodiversity-threatening processes...

This image shows the courtship behavior of Indian Bull frogs (Holobatrachus tigerinus). During the monsoon, the breeding males become bright yellow in color, while females remain dull. The prominent blue vocal sacs of male produce strong nasal mating call.