Managing protected areas in Albania: Advance Albania Newsletter out

25 June 2012 | News story

In less than five years, Albania has doubled the coverage of protected areas in the country. Protected areas are an opportunity for the country not only because they protect nature but because they ensure a future for the country's sustainable development as well. This is the key message of the first issue of the Newsletter for the “Institutional Support for Protected Areas in Albania” project produced by IUCN which can be found here.

The Newsletter covers activities for protected areas management improvement currently underway in the country. In this issue you can hear from the Italian Cooperation who is funding the project and the Albanian Ministry of Environment, Forest and Water Administration which is the beneficiary of this action and much more. Here is the list of contents:

The Advance Albania Newsletter is produced every three months. To find out more about how innovative approaches to protected area management can enhance local socio-economic conditions and promote alternative sustainable economic activities in Albania subscribe here.

The “Institutional Support for Protected Areas in Albania” project supports both central and local offices of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Water Administration of Albania to better and more effectively plan and manage its protected areas network. The initiatives of this project will deliver a broad range of benefits to local and wider communities from preserved and well-functioning ecosystems. More here.

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