IUCN CEC Newsletter June 2009

08 July 2009 | News story

The June 2009 newsletter of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication is now online. Issue 28 covers the first-ever Joint Steering Committee with IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, held mid-May in Ecuador. It also features reports by CEC members attending the World Environmental Education Congress and meetings in Beijing, Cairo and Paris. Follow links to read more about the books, brochures, websites and e-newsletters introduced here.

Highlights in this newsletter include:

1. Reports from the Joint Steering Committee Meeting of IUCN CEC and WCPA
2. Nominate IUCN CEC National Activators by July 31
3. Reports from CEC members at WEEC and meetings in Beijing, Cairo, Paris
4. Stories about CEC and youth
5. CBD’s request for input on a new biodiversity education kit
6. Education for Sustainability projects, publications and a survey
7. CEPA Toolkit now available in French and Spanish
8. New books by CEC members on climate change, youth and justice
9. Online newsletters and an example of online social marketing
10. Awards, staff update, job opportunity and coming events

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