Energy systems should safeguard the environment, says IUCN to UN

18 June 2009 | News story

This was the message that was delivered by Narinder Kakar from the Permanent Observer Mission of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to the United Nations at the UN General Assembly Interactive Thematic Dialogue on Energy Efficiency, Conservation and New and Renewable sources of Energy. 

The main messages in terms of safeguarding people and the environment were:

  • Prioritizing efficiency measures as the best option for lowering emissions at the least cost and with minimal risks to people or nature.
  • Establishing legal and regulatory policies that are robust and which safeguard the environment and people as an important part of the enabling framework for renewable energy.
  • Engaging relevant stakeholders in design and implementation of equitable and ecologically sustainable energy technologies.
  • Investing in natural systems that underpin energy futures in the region.

Please download the full statement as well as the annex to the statement.

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