Rural communities plant trees in recognition of Thailand’s National Tree Day

29 May 2010 | News story


Local villagers, government officers, soldiers and NGO members gathered in the watershed of Mae Chan (Chiang Rai Province, Northern Thailand) on May 29th, to celebrate Thailand’s National Tree Day.

The participants planted 56 hectares of land with trees as a contribution to ongoing reforestation efforts in the region. Tree seedlings were chosen from a large variety of species to ensure a high biodiversity on the plot.

The site in Mae Chan was chosen by the Department of National Parks and local residents because it requires special protection. Its location on a steep slope in a headwater area bears a high risk of erosion, loss of soil fertility and land slides. The trees were planted as a measure of watershed rehabilitation and disaster risk management.

The tree planting event was organized and sponsored by the Pateung sub district administration. The local government had been encouraged to involve themselves in watershed rehabilitation by planting trees after a similar event was held by IUCN the year before. The site is part of IUCN’s Livelihoods and Landscape Strategy (LLS) in Doi Mae Salong.

For more information about the Livelihoods and Landscapes (LLS) project please visit the LLS Doi Mae Salong Website.



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