Leading thinkers discuss solutions for sustainable energy future

03 July 2009 | News story

As part of the Maurice Strong birthday party celebrations held at IUCN Headquarters in Gland, 1-2 July 2009, a Roundtable of leading thinkers met on the subject of "Securing our sustainable energy futures".

Chaired by Irene Freudenschuss-Reichl from the Austria Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Marco Dunand from Mercuria Energy Trading in Switzerland participants from the private sector, civil society and government debated the main energy problems and solutions.

  • Energy should be considered as a means for sustainable development, though it may not be “sustainable” itself;  we need to differentiate between and within different energy options
  • Energy security does not mean energy self-sufficiency → we need regional cooperation, while differentiating regional needs and demands
  • Much needed behavioural change is difficult → we should prioritise funding where biggest wins can be achieved

The participants highlighted again that we have the solutions at hand - ranging from energy efficiency and renewables, education and adjusting finances through subsidies and carbon pricing - policitcal will is requried to implement them.

See downloads for the background document and Roundtable report.

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