IUCN and member GNV join forces to deliver message on importance of ecosystems for sustainable energy

05 June 2008 | News story

IUCN member organisation GNV (Green Network Vojvodina) presented a joint IUCN paper at the 4th Regional Conference: Environment for Europe (EnE08) in Belgrade on the June 4-5, 2008.

The paper, a joint collaboration between GNV, IUCN HQ and IUCN Regional Office for Europe, highlights the need to promote the production of sustainable renewable energies in SEE countries , where the natural conditions allow harvesting of fuel- wood, generation of wind-, water- and solar-energy. The long term objective is the reduction of pollution and contamination of the land, water and air by decreasing exploitation of nonrenewable resources such as oil, gas, coal and lignite – for the ultimate goal of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in the countries of South-Eastern Europe.

This image shows the courtship behavior of Indian Bull frogs (Holobatrachus tigerinus). During the monsoon, the breeding males become bright yellow in color, while females remain dull. The prominent blue vocal sacs of male produce strong nasal mating call.