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Huascarán, Ecuador

Acting beyond boundaries to address urban water challenge

You cannot optimize water in cities without looking at the natural water basin or catchment areas which are serving them” said Dr Mark Smith, Director of the IUCN Water Programme during a recent workshop at the UN World Water Day conference in Cape Town. …  

30 Mar 2011 | News story
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Photo de Famille

Pas de REDD sans les peuples autochtones et la société civile : le Cameroun lance le processus d’élaboration de la Readness Preparation Proposal (R-PP)

Le Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Protection de la Nature (MINEP) du Cameroun, avec l’appui technique et financier de l’Union Internationale pour la Conservation de la Nature (UICN), a organisé  du 23 au 24 mars 2011 à Mbalmayo un atelier de sensibilisation et d’information des peuples autochtones et de la société civile sur le processus de Réduction des Emissions liées à la Déforestation et à la Dégradation des Forêts (REDD+). Cet atelier marque le lancement du processus d’élaboration du Readiness Plan Proposal (R-PP). …  

29 Mar 2011 | News story
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Remote and marginalized cultures that have survived in balance with nature for thousands of years will simply disappear if climate change is allowed to go unchecked much longer.

Search for Nature Photojournalist of the Year

Photojournalists, both professional and amateur, are invited to enter the first ever Nature Images Awards organised by IUCN and French nature magazine Terre Sauvage. Judges will be looking for entries which use inspirational images of nature to demonstrate the unique relationship between people and the natural world. …   | Chinese

29 Mar 2011 | News story

IUCN's new conservation centre

A new Neighbour

IUCN European Member FIBA (La Fondation Internationale du Banc d’Arguin) has recently settled into their new offices at our Conservation Center in Gland, Switzerland. …  

28 Mar 2011 | News story

CD label - Recueil de documents produits en atelier

Le processus REDD au Cameroun prône l’amélioration

Yaoundé, la capitale du Cameroun, a abrité du 02 au 03 mars dernier,  l’atelier d’analyse participative du cadre de la gouvernance forestière en rapport avec le processus REDD au Cameroun. …  

28 Mar 2011 | News story

White Rhino (Ceratotherium simum)

Africa’s rhinos face worst poaching crisis in decades

Well-equipped, sophisticated organized crime syndicates have killed more than 800 African rhinos in the past three years - just for their horns. With the most serious poaching upsurge in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya, Africa’s top rhino experts recently met in South Africa to assess the status of rhinos across the continent and to identify strategies to combat the poaching crisis. …  

25 Mar 2011 | News story

Opening CBD COP10

IUCN hosts UN discussions on making gender environmental benchmark

Gender issues could be the common thread running through global environment and development work, and therefore be at the centre of restructuring the UN system to be more consistent across agencies, programmes and conventions. …  

24 Mar 2011 | News story

Remise de l'ouvrage au représentant du ministre de l'Environnement, Conservation de la Nature et Tourisme par le point Focal CARPE-RDC

Cérémonie de vernissage de l’ouvrage sur les leçons apprises du programme CARPE

Dans le cadre de la célébration de la Journée Internationale des Forêts en RD. Congo, journée instituée par  la FAO (Fonds des Nations-Unies pour l’Agriculture et l’Alimentation) vers les années 1970 afin de promouvoir l’importance des différentes fonctions des écosystèmes forestiers du monde,  le programme Régional de l’Environnement en Afrique Centrale  (CARPE)  de l’Union Internationale pour la Conservation de la Nature (UICN) en partenariat avec le Ministère de l’Environnement, Conservation de la Nature et Tourisme a organisé le lundi 21 mars dans la grande salle des galeries Cassiopée à Kinshasa, la cérémonie de vernissage de l’ouvrage « Conservation à l’échelle du paysage dans le Bassin du Congo, leçons tirées du programme régional pour l’environnement en Afrique Centrale(CARPE) ». …  

23 Mar 2011 | News story
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Child bathing in Jordan

World Water Day: thirsty cities

Coping with the growing water needs of cities is one of the most pressing challenges of this century. Half of the world’s population now lives in cities and it’s estimated that within two decades that will increase to nearly 60% of the population, or 5 billion people. This means that a tremendous amount of water is needed, for drinking, sanitation, industry and to produce food. Ensuring reliable access to safe water supplies will make the cities of the future truly sustainable. …   | French | Spanish

22 Mar 2011 | News story

James G. Workman

Conserving water in cities: special series - the three paradoxes of water and how to solve them

To mark World Water Day with its theme ‘Water for Cities,’ we’re featuring a four-part series of provocative articles by James G. Workman, a writer who has worked with IUCN for a decade. Author of Heart of Dryness: How the Last Bushmen Can Help Us Endure the Coming Age of Permanent Drought, he is translating the proven system that has sustained indigenous people of the Kalahari Desert into an online, utility-based system that could unleash a widespread, egalitarian race to conserve water and energy in cities worldwide. …  

22 Mar 2011 | News story
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