Innovative and efficient methods for the follow-up and evaluation of the landscapes

16 March 2009 | News story

The training workshop on the participative follow-up and evaluation tools for the French-speaking countries of Central and West Africa (Cameroon, Congo, Mali, Burundi, Burkina Faso, DRC and CAR) was held in Bamako, Mali from November 17th to 26th 2008.

About thirty participants exchanged the experiences gained in the various landscapes and received a formal training on a series of participative follow-up and evaluation tools of LLS projects and those of the implementation partners. At the end of the sessions, they were skilled in the control of innovative and efficient follow-up and evaluation tools such as the “theory of change” instead of the traditional logical framework. The field visit carried out in Douentza (northern Mali) made it possible to apply these tools with the local communities and to work out a participative follow-up and evaluation plan of the LLS activities in the landscape of Kelka. /