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Parc National d'Ichkeul (Tunesie)

Enquête pour l’inventaire bibliographique relatif aux sites de l’Ichkeul et de la Sebkha de Sidi Mansour (Tunisie)

Le projet “Promotion de la valeur des zones clés pour la biodiversité à travers l’implication des organisations de la société civile (OSC) dans leur conservation et gestion en Afrique du Nord” est un projet sous régional, coordonnée par le Centre de Coopération pour la Méditerranée de l’UICN (UICN-Med), visant l’amélioration du mode de gestion et de gouvernance des espaces protégés et des zones clés pour la biodiversité dans le hotspot de la Méditerranée.  

28 Sep 2014 | News story

Bahia Palma Vella

The IUCN Spanish Committee supports the Green List of Protected Areas

The Green List of Protected Areas is a new standard implemented by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, which aims to assess the Natural governance and management quality (efficiency and equity) of Protected Areas. This List will be officially presented next November (2014) during the World Park Congress organized in Sydney (Australia). …   | French

23 Sep 2014 | News story


New website set to benefit Mediterranean ecotourism sector

The MEET Network aims to improve the cooperation between Mediterranean protected areas and sustainable tourism. …   | French | Spanish

18 Sep 2014 | News story

Calderón común (Globicephala melas)

What do you know about Alboran cetaceans and marine turtles ?

The Alboran Sea is one of the richest biodiversity points in the Mediterranean Sea, but at the same time, it is one of the busiest shipping routes. The IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation IUCN has just published 9 fact sheets of cetacean and 5 of marine turtles that frequent the waters of the Alboran Sea. These fact sheets aim at describing the current knowledge about these species in the Alboran Sea and their fragile status of conservation. …   | French | Spanish

31 Jul 2014 | News story

Mar del Alborán

Results of the POCTEFEX-Alboran Project

The two years project "POCTEFEX-ALBORAN:Shared natural management of cross-border space", has aimed to facilitate the exchange of experience between front line contributors and stakeholders to identify the priorities that can improve natural resource governance in the Alboran Sea and promote sustainable and integrated management of the environment. IUCN-Med has played an important role in the development this POCTEFEX project. …   | French | Spanish

29 Jul 2014 | News story

IUCN Sailing to Barcelona

Conservation news from South Eastern Europe

The summer issue of the IUCN SEE e-Bulletin brings the nature conservation news from the region and features in the Focus section The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Throughout 2014 we are celebrating its significant contribution in guiding conservation action and policy decisions over the past 50 years. …  

16 Jul 2014 | News story

Paysage Marocain

Two new IUCN Members in the Mediterranean region

The IUCN Council has just validated the decision taken by its Bureau, on 2 July 2014, to approve the admission of 11 new Members, two of which are from the Mediterranean region: the Moroccan Club for Environment and Development and the Jordanian Society for Microbial Biodiversity. …   | French

16 Jul 2014 | News story

Inauguration de l'atelier de Tripoli

Launching of the programme “Small Scale Initiatives for Civil Society Organizations in North Africa”

The city of Tripoli (Libya) has welcomed last 19th of June the workshop launching the programme “Small Initiatives for Civil Society Organizations in North Africa” (PPI-OSCAN). This workshop which was attended by 50 participants, permitted officially to launch this new initiative and ensure a great involvement of both NGOs and governments representatives. The involvement of the Libyan administration since the beginning has to be underlined mainly through the Environment General Authority (EGA) support. …   | French | Spanish

08 Jul 2014 | News story

"Tour du Valat: 60 ans d'engagement pour les zones humides et les Hommes"

Tour du Valat celebrates its 60th anniversary

Created in 1954 within the French Camargue, Tour du Valat drew up a report of 60 years of activities during a day of activities organized last 30th of June. A tribute has been paid to the scientifical work provided by the biological station for a better knowledge of the ecosystems and wetlands in particular. …   | French

04 Jul 2014 | News story

Gorilla in Virunga National Park

IUCN welcomes emphatic ‘no’ to extractives in World Heritage

Following IUCN’s advice, the World Heritage Committee has sent a strong message to oil and gas and other extractive industries not to operate in World Heritage sites. The message came during discussions about World Heritage sites in Danger, including Africa’s iconic Virunga National Park, at the annual World Heritage Committee meeting taking place in Doha, Qatar. …   | French | Dutch

19 Jun 2014 | News story

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