South America

Mujeres indígenas de Ecuador

Instrumentos de conservación de la agrobiodiversidad: una garantía para la seguridad alimentaria de la población mundial

Avances del proyecto Implementación del Sistema Multilateral de Acceso y Distribución de Beneficios del TIRFAA, Ecuador. …  

16 May 2011 | News story
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Toboroche, Chaco.

Áreas protegidas, un aporte a la reducción de la pobreza

Avances del proyecto de UICN Consolidando la gestión de áreas protegidas como un aporte a la reducción de la pobreza en América del Sur. …  

16 May 2011 | News story
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Parque Nacional Chapada Diamantina, Brasil.

Reunião de Membros da UICN Oficializa Comitê no Brasil

No dia 9/05 de 2011, estiveram reunidos em Brasília, membros da UICN com o objetivo de discutir e aprovar a constituição de um Comitê Nacional de Membros da UICN no Brasil. …  

13 May 2011 | News story
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Relic forest

Laying the foundation for an IUCN Red List of Ecosystems

Momentum is gathering behind the case for a Red List of Ecosystems which, modeled on the influential IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, is hoped will generate better environmental management. …  

13 May 2011 | News story

Women in developing countries play a key role in helping communities adapt to the impacts of climate change, yet their voice is hardly heard in discussions on climate change.

IUCN pioneers work on gender equality in tackling climate change impacts

The importance of involving women in preventing and managing disasters is widely recognized but doing so in an effective and holistic way is more challenging. …  

12 May 2011 | News story

Dr Kenton Miller among bamboo in Brazil.

Conservation loses a champion

IUCN is deeply saddened by the loss of one of nature conservation’s leading lights. Dr Kenton R. Miller, a former IUCN Director General and globally-recognized leader in protected area management, passed away yesterday. …   | Spanish

10 May 2011 | News story

Alexis Rivas, Viceministro de Coordinación Política de Ecuador. Miembro de la CEESP.

Cuando la Antropología también es Política

“Un científico sin preguntas, simplemente no existe”. ¿De dónde venimos?, ¿quiénes somos?, ¿hacia dónde vamos?, son las interrogantes que recorrían la mente de Alexis Rivas, desde su adolescencia. Este científico social, miembro de la Comisión de Política Económica, Social y Ambiental de la UICN, es en la actualidad Viceministro de Coordinación Política de Ecuador. …  

09 May 2011 | News story
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Post tropical storm Stan, Mexico

Dealing with disasters...naturally

IUCN calls for effective management of the natural environment to strengthen the resilience of communities to cope with disasters. The devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan shows the catastrophic impact that the sheer force of nature can have on communities, no matter how prepared a country is. …  

09 May 2011 | News story

Offshore wind farm

Expanding IUCN’s science engagement for better conservation

IUCN welcomes distinguished scientists from around the world and a wide variety of disciplines to the new IUCN Science Advisory Board. …  

29 Apr 2011 | News story

Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF) logo

Global forestry institutions call for more community-based forest management

The leading international organizations working to protect and manage the world’s forests are calling for governments across the globe to increase communities’ role in forest management. Doing so could contribute to lifting close to a billion people out of poverty, as well as improve the health and vitality of forests. …  

22 Apr 2011 | News story

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