Green business

How to help business become greener?

The impact of the private sector on the environment can be very detrimental. Getting companies on board with conservation organisations is crucial to try and reduce this impact and improve the status of species and habitats in Europe. A number of initiatives have been developed to help businesses become greener. A comprehensive European accreditation scheme for companies is now being discussed. …  

04 Nov 2011 | News story

Karstic lake Skadar, Kroatia

IUCN, GEF and a global surface freshwater community of practice

‘Raising the Bar: 20 Years of GEF Transboundary Water Results’ was the slogan of the 6th GEF International Waters Conference, held in Dubrovnik from 17-20 October, in which IUCN contributed its knowledge and experience on water management. …  

03 Nov 2011 | News story

Grand Cayman Blue Iguana (Cyclura lewisi), a species endemic to Cayman Islands and listed as Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™

Europe’s overseas territories need more protection

Giant “Mountain Chicken” frogs, the 25 million bird island, and a rainforest the size of Portugal are increasingly threatened by the impacts of climate change and in need of greater protection, according to a new report published by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). …   | French | Spanish

02 Nov 2011 | News story

Sahavat Huseynov, member of the "Green Patrol"

Young Green Patrols in action: “By protecting trees we protect our future”

School-based forest units: the tradition existed in Azerbaijan before, now it’s time to restore it and to make it fi t the contemporary environment. So far, children have been sensitised to forest protection thanks to the efforts of the Centre of Environmental Education in Baku. Now, a European-supported initiative is aiming to extend their work and to create school-based teams of ‘Young Foresters’. Because the necessity to prevent deforestation and to expand the green topsoil is today a priority in the country, which cannot be met without increasing the population’s environmental education. …  

27 Oct 2011 | News story

European Capitals of Biodiversity

Breakfast at Sustainability’s in Brussels

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. and the Liaison Office of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen-South Tyrol will host the 10th “Breakfast at Sustainability’s” (B@S) on Thursday 24 November 2011, in Brussels. …  

20 Oct 2011 | News story

Monica Jacobs at screening for Wangari Maathai

Tribute to Wangari Maathai at European Parliament

On 17 October, Member of the European Parliament Kriton Arsenis hosted the screening of the film “Taking Root”, which tells the story of Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Wangari Maathai, who passed away on 25 September last after having lost a brave fight against cancer at the age of 71. Her simple act of planting trees grew into a nationwide movement to safeguard the environment, protect human rights, and defend democracy and women’s rights. …  

18 Oct 2011 | News story


What if we change? Let's fix this Earth! is an interactive platform about what happens to people when they can make their barren land fertile again. How does it affect a community when nearly extinct animals flourish again? What changes when people make their ecosystem a vibrant source of life again, for themselves and for generations to come? And this story is about you too. …  

18 Oct 2011 | News story


Healthy ecosystems for sustainable food security

“It is important that, as we discuss and strategise on matters related to food security in ACP countries, we pay serious attention to the state of our environment. The environment is a vital element in maintaining sound ecosystems on which enabling factors depend, such as rain, soil fertility and moisture, among many others. These ensure reliable production of food crops...” stated Hon. Mr. Musikari Kombo, Member of the Kenyan Parliament, during the EU-ACP Joint Parliamentary Assembly meetings that took place in the European Parliament on 5 and 6 October. …  

17 Oct 2011 | News story

Fields of Moldova

Ecological Networks Seminar opened today

Two days long Seminar dedicated to the development and creation of regional sectors of Pan-European Ecological Network (PEEN) was opened today in Chisinau, Moldova. Organized by IUCN and BIOTICA Ecological Society in cooperation with the Institute of Zoology of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and the Ministry of Environment, the Seminar is contributing to the international conference marking 50 years anniversary of the Institute. …  

13 Oct 2011 | News story


2,2 mln Euros to African NGOs for environmental action

The French Global Environment Facility (FGEF) and IUCN have renewed their partnership on small initiatives with African NGOs. …  

12 Oct 2011 | News story

European Regional Office