A corner of the AWS poster session.

Châu Á cần có hành động cấp bách để bảo tồn Đất ngập nước

Diễn ra tại Hà nội từ ngày 22-25 tháng 6 năm 2008, Hội thảo Chuyên đề Đất ngập nước Châu Á lần thứ tư đã xác định mười hành động cấp bách nhằm giải quyết những mối đe dọa đối với đất ngập nước và những thách thức đối với công tác quản lý đất ngập nước. Hội thảo kêu gọi các nhà hoạch định ưu tiên nhưng vấn đề trong bảo tồn và quản lý bền vững ở Châu Á. …  

04 Jul 2008 | News story

Fishing at Ba Lat estuary in the core area of Xuan Thuy  National Park

Water for Food and Ecosystem Framework Strategy Underway for Viet Nam

Case studies within a five-part case study set that will provide inputs to the development of the Water for Food and Ecosystem (WFE) framework strategy for Viet Nam were introduced to the Viet Nam - Netherlands WFE Partnership stakeholders in a study tour held on 30-31 May. …  

04 Jul 2008 | News story

Volunteers from TGC prepare to welcome AWS 2008 international participants at Noi Bai airport in Hanoi

Me, Talking Green Club and IUCN

I have got to know IUCN for nearly 2 years now, through IUCN’s support to the Talking Green Club (TGC) of which I am a member. My first time at IUCN was when TGC helped arrange publications in the IUCN library.

04 Jul 2008 | News story

A corner of the AWS poster session.

Asia Needs Urgent Action to Conserve its Wetlands

The 4th Asian Wetland Symposium (AWS), held. in Hanoi from 22 to 25, June 2008, identified ten urgent and immediate actions to address current threats to wetlands and challenges in wetland management.  It calls on decision-makers to give priority these issues of conservation and sustainable management in Asia. …  

04 Jul 2008 | News story

An endangered Hawksbill was caught lately, tagged and then released back to the sea at Bai Tu Long National Park

More Species Became Endangered in Viet Nam, Says the Red Data Book

Nearly 900 species are threatened with extinction and at least 10 more have vanished from Viet Nam, according to the latest Viet Nam Red Data Book of endangered plants and animals released on June 26th in Hanoi by the Viet Nam Academy of Science and Technology and IUCN. …  

04 Jul 2008 | News story

The Viet Nam delegate at the FLEGT Roundtable in China

Tại Bắc Kinh, các đại biểu đã chia sẻ nỗ lực của Việt Nam để thúc đẩy mậu dịch các sản phẩm gỗ hợp pháp và bền vững

IUCN Việt Nam tiếp tục là tổ chức đi đầu trong việc nâng cao nhận thức và thúc đẩy thể chế điều hành lâm nghiệp thông qua hỗ trợ xây dựng Kế hoạch Hành động FLEGT. …  

03 Jul 2008 | News story

The Viet Nam delegate at the FLEGT Roundtable in China

In Beijing, Delegates Share Viet Nam’s Efforts to Facilitate Legal and Sustainable Wood Product Trade

IUCN Viet Nam continues to be a leader in raising awareness and facilitating the institution of improved forest governance through supporting the establishment of a FLEGT Action Plan.  …  

03 Jul 2008 | News story

New IUCN headquarters

Gland即将迎来: 不会损耗地球资源的绿色建设

世界自然保护联盟正在将其目前的总部改建为一个可持续守恒中心,这个工程将为可持续建筑设立一个基准。 …  

17 Jun 2008 | News story

IUCN and IGSNRR sign agreement to move forward with HKKH in China

HKKH China Component Implementation Agreement signed with IGSNRR

Beijing, May 22, 2008-The implementation agreement for the China component of the HKKH Partnership Project was signed between IUCN China and the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research (IGSNRR) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), on behalf the HKKH Partnership. This agreement is the result of dedicated work from all the four HKKH partners-CESVI, EV-K2-CNR, ICIMOD and IUCN.

05 Jun 2008 | News story

Barcelona Harbour

Sailing to Barcelona - Come onboard!

As part of IUCN´s World Conservation Congress (5-14 October 2008, Barcelona, Spain), Sailing to Barcelona will give a voice to creative marine conservation efforts from various corners of the world. …  

04 Jun 2008 | News story

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