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Message from the Regional Director a.i
Fadi Shraideh

The heart of IUCN's global mission is the conservation of nature. It is the overarching rationale for all IUCN's work and the thematic umbrella for IUCN's work on other issues, including the programme strategy for 2013-2016.

The West Asia Programme 2013-2016 will be harnessing and adopting the IUCN global niche and mission to build on the values and the engagement strategy of Knowledge, Empowerment and Governance so as to ensure the achievement of results and therefore the intended impacts.

In its work, IUCN aims to assist societies throughout the world to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitably and ecologically sustainable. IUCN's vision is of "A just world that values and conserves nature"

Nature Based Solutions 2013-2016

 The IUCN Programme 2013–2016 is driven by two features of life today: Global production and consumption patterns are destroying our life support system – nature – at persistent and dangerously high rates. And people, communities, governments and private actors are underutilizing the potential power of nature and the solutionsit can provide to global challenges in fields such as climate change, food security, social and economic development. IUCN terms these nature based solutions.

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Our Strategy at IUCN ROWA

Our overriding ambition in developing the regional programme strategy 2013-2016 is to increase IUCN’s impact and its effectiveness. It builds on IUCN’s previous programme strategy which ran from 2009-2012, it capitalizes on our expertise, experience and earlier analysis to achieve greater impacts. The programme follows the “One Ecosystem Approach” in designing, implementing and monitoring its different thematic components in protected areas, water and drylands, marine, Poverty and Gender and Business and Biodiversity.

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report 2013-2016
What have we been up to?

The AbuDhabi International Environmental Film Festival 2013

Being a knowledge partner at the festival this year, IUCN ROWA played a great role in screening its documentaries along side other knowledge partners like UNEP and IFAW. 

IUCN ROWA also contributed in giving a seminar about Process Documentation and its benefits. The seminar was able to showcase process documentation as a tool that helps reveal change and trace the change processes in a project. It also helped explain that process documentation helps determine the what, how, and why in a project. Understanding the change processes is important, so that interventions achieve the required impact, and help decide if the project can be replicated elsewhere. This seminar focused on defining process documentation; the tools used, and project examples from IUCN around the region.

The main example that was screened during the seminar, was a participatory video produced by the local community in the Zarqa Governorate in Jordan, through a project that IUCN ROWA is implementing through the Drylands, Livlihoods and Gender Programme.  


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The Abu Dhabi International Environmental Film Festival 9 - 14 March 2013

New Think Festival - Jordan 2013

New think festival 2013

 IUCN ROWA and for the 1st time, has joined the New Think Festival initiative of 2013. 

IUCN partnered with EDAMA to run the "Environmental Kitchen" ie the Environmental Section of the festival over 2 days. IUCN members took part in giving segments of 15 minutes each to a crowd of over 5000 people over 2 full consecutive days.

IUCN members like; the Royal Marine Conservation Soceity of Jordan (JREDS), the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN), and the Jordan Environment Society (JES) participated in giving segmants along side IUCN partners like; the Civil Defence and UNDP/the National Energy Research Centre.


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Third Regional Summer School

 "An Introduction to Natural Resource Governance
in the Arab Middle East and North Africa"

20-25 October 2013 in Amman, Jordan

The Summer School being implemented by the Henrich Boell Foundation and partnered with IUCN ROWA, will provide an introduction to natural resource governance in general and existing international regulatory frameworks, while introducing different stakeholders with regards to natural resources in the region. The Summer School is designed to build the capacities of the participants and to stir a debate about urgent current policy topics.

This Summer School addresses junior professionals, postgraduates, activists, and researchers working at NGO’s, civil society organizations, think tanks or other institutions from Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, and other North African countries.

Participants have been chosen and will participate next week.


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Call for applications
IUCN ROWA Programmes

Water and Climate Change Programme

Local man in Jordan Previously known as the REWARD programme, the water and climate change programme will now focus soley on intergrated water management and climate change issues. 
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Drylands, Livelihoods and Gender

Hima - Jordan  Previously part of the REWARD programme, the programme currenly focuses on dryland restoration and poverty elevation. It also focused on livihoods and gender issues in all ROWA programmes as a main focus of intrest in the west area region.
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Protected Areas, World Heritage and B&B

Arabian Oryx  The previous protected areas programme currently combines the business and bidiversity programme and world heritage (Tabea Programme).  
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Marine and Coastal Management

marine  The Programme is focusing on consolidating assessments on West Asia status-quo with regard to marine coastal zone ecosystem management and establishing a functioning network in marine and coastal management
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Expanding the ROWA family

Programme Manager

Ziad Samaha Ziad Samaha

Ziad joined the IUCN ROWA team mid 2013 and is responsible for managing the Marine and Coastal Zones Management programme as well as designing and delivering an expanded technical programme for IUCN at the regional level in West Asia.
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Project Coordinator

Sameeh Nuimat Sameeh Nuimat

Sameeh joined IUCN ROWA in late 2012 and is responsible for the SWIM Project through the Water & Climate Change Programme.
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Senior Field Officer

Amer Maadat Amer Madat

Amer joined IUCN ROWA in mid 2012. Amer is currently working on the Drylands, Livelihood & Gender Programme.  
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