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Message from the Regional Director a.i
Fadi Shraideh

The heart of IUCN's global mission is the conservation of nature. It is the overarching rationale for all IUCN's work and the thematic umbrella for IUCN's work on other issues, including the programme strategy for 2013-2016.

The West Asia Programme 2013-2016 will be harnessing and adopting the IUCN global niche and mission to build on the values and the engagement strategy of Knowledge, Empowerment and Governance so as to ensure the achievement of results and therefore the intended impacts.

In its work, IUCN aims to assist societies throughout the world to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitably and ecologically sustainable. IUCN's vision is of "A just world that values and conserves nature"

Our Programme Activities

The Drylands, Livelihoods & Gender Programme

Hima - Jordan

The Programme contributes to the rehabilitation of drylands in the West Asia region, to further provide nature-based solutions and ecosystem services needed to improve livelihoods through better participatory management, gender equity and better integration of the local communities.
The programmes strength is in contributing to the revival of the Hima Concept within local communities, which in turn prevents desertification.


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Mainstreaming Sustainable Land Management Practices

IUCN ROWA has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture to take part in implementing a 6 year project funded by the GEF and implemented by IFAD. IUCN ROWA will take up an initial component of the 6 year project and implement it in 13 community clusters in the Karak, Tafileh and Ma’an Governorates. The project will be implemented using a participatory action-research approach coupled with a process of capacity building.


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Creating a common vision - Tafileh

Reviving indigenous plants in Hima Bani Hashem Villages

 The local community committee, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) and IUCN, will collect the seeds of the indigenous plants, such as Artemisia, Retama, Teucrium, Al Hommad ‘الحمض’ and Atriplex. By the beginning of the rainy season in December, the locals at Hima Bani Hashem Villages will plant 90 kg on almost 120 dunums of land through spreading the seeds in the southeast and southwest areas of the Hima in order to revive the indigenous plants in Hima Bani Hashem Villages.

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Collecting the seeds of indigenous plants in Hima Bani Hashem Villages.

The Water & Climate Change Programme

SEARCH Regional Project

 In essence, this programme promotes good water governance in the region in assisting countries to strengthen their national capacities to revise existing and/or adopt new legal frameworks for the management of water resources and climate change in a sustainable manner.

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RKNOW - The Regional Knowledge Network on Water

 RKNOW is a 3 year regional project funded by the European Union. The project aspires to create a Regional Knowledge Network on Water that will assist in strengthening the application of systematic approaches to water management in 5 countries (Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Morocco and Egypt).

Recently, project partners joined together in Amman, Jordan to better define the project and its activities and plan towards optimizing the network.

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RKNOW logo

 SEARCH - The Social, Ecological & Agricultural Resilience in the face of Climate Change

while the project is pulling to its end, the SEARCH project is currently finalising all its work to produce a toolkit. the toolkit will be ready by early 2014. SEARCH is also currenlty filming a documentry in all 5 countries.


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Documentary in Lebanon

 SWIM - Sustainable Water Integrated Management in the Mediterranean

Recently, a regional seminar on ‘Decentralized Wastewater Treatment and Reuse’ was launched on the 3rd of November 2013 funded by the EU and the German Government in cooperation with Al Balqa Applied University (BAU), German International Cooperation (GIZ) and IUCN ROWA. The one-week event gathered policy-makers from the water, environmental and agricultural sectors of four different MENA countries with the aim of introducing approaches to improve wastewater services in rural and semi-urban areas but also to enable a regional exchange among policy-makers from these countries.

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Opening Ceremony

Implementing Disaster Risk Reduction in the Arab Region

 IUCN, Regional Office for West Asia (ROWA) participated in the two day event which gathered policy-makers from different sectors in the Arab world. It aimed at putting the last touches on the Arab strategy for disaster risk reduction and evaluating the regional progress and main institutional challenges of implementing this strategy on both the local and national levels.

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League of Arab States
IUCN ROWA Programmes

Water and Climate Change Programme

Local man in Jordan Previously known as the REWARD programme, the water and climate change programme will now focus soley on intergrated water management and climate change issues. 
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Drylands, Livelihoods and Gender

Hima - Jordan  Previously part of the REWARD programme, the programme currenly focuses on dryland restoration and poverty elevation. It also focused on livihoods and gender issues in all ROWA programmes as a main focus of intrest in the west area region.
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Protected Areas, World Heritage and B&B

Arabian Oryx  The previous protected areas programme currently combines the business and bidiversity programme and world heritage (Tabea Programme).  
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Marine and Coastal Management

marine  The Programme is focusing on consolidating assessments on West Asia status-quo with regard to marine coastal zone ecosystem management and establishing a functioning network in marine and coastal management
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Expanding the ROWA family

Programme Manager

Hani El Shaer Dr Hany El Shaer

Hany joined IUCN ROWA this month and will be responsible for the Protected Areas, World Heritage and Business & Biodiversity Programme .
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Water & Climate Change Programme