Tales of Water a Childs view Mexico 2005
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World Water Forum: nature takes centre stage

Universal access to water and sanitation is one of the key challenges of the 21st century. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to this challenge. Many different approaches are needed but IUCN firmly believes that better management of our natural ecosystems such as river basins, forests, lakes and wetlands can, and should, play a key role.
In Marseille, politicians, water managers, the private sector and NGOs are around the same table debating and sharing solutions. IUCN has a strong presence, working to ensure that ‘natural solutions’ become a major part of the global water management portfolio.

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Dr. Mark Smith
Director of IUCN's Global Water Programme

Water without borders

Lago Titicaca, Bolivia

Cross-border water management not only benefits water security but it also promotes dialogue, peace and cooperation – even in geopolitically unstable regions.

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Think dams, think people

Bagré Dam, Burkina Faso

An IUCN study shows that when building large dams, benefits to local communities can go hand in hand with broader national development objectives.

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A nudge towards a healthier world

Katharine Cross

IUCN experts attending the World Water Forum share their thoughts and experience on the IUCN blog.

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River deep, mountain high

Balkila Watershed and Gopeshwar town

“Across the Himalayan region in India, people are noticing drying springs. For hillside communities, this is a silent catastrophe. Where will people find the water they need? Women and girls walk long distances to fetch water, up and down steep slopes, with heavy loads, taking hours out of every day.”

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Counting the cost of water

Andrew Seidl

The economic value of water cannot be underestimated. Andrew Seidl, Head of IUCN's Global Economic and Environment Programme, talks about some of the risks that we face if we don't start counting the cost of water.

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Navigating the politics of water

One of the perks of the job!

“Alternatives, dialogue and innovation can provide most of the answers to today’s water management problems.”

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People power in the Pacific

Kadavu, Fiji Islands.

For many people, hearing the words ‘Pacific island’ conjures up visions of a dream holiday. But this dream is a harsh reality for many Pacific communities whose very future is at stake.

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