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Biodiversity in the Congress spotlight

This month we take a look at the first of the three themes of the IUCN Congress 2012 : Valuing and Conserving Biodiversity, which has been at the heart of IUCN’s work for 60 years. But we have to work even harder now to prove to the world that securing biological diversity - species, their habitats and their genes - is essential to human well-being and fundamental to all global challenges like fighting poverty and climate change and securing food supplies.

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Jane Smart

Happy New Year! (it could be the last)

Maya pyramid in Chitchen Itza, southern Mexico

Are people’s fears of a world-end related to our neglect of nature, asks Célia Zwahlen. Chances are you heard it countless times this New Year’s Eve: 2012 marks the coming of doomsday.

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Local to global - a Swiss-Italian valley brought to IUCN's Congress

Hoper Glacier, flowing out of the Central Karakoram National Park is one of a number of high mountain glacial systems which are crucial to the water needs of communities living in the valleys around the park.  .  The management plan for this park needs to consider actions to secure sustainable valley irrigation and domestic water supply in the face of global climate change.

The IUCN Congress allows the voices of people working at the coal face of conservation and natural resource management to be heard on an international stage where global leaders join forces with people defending local interests.

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Unveiling the secrets of the deep

Dr Kent Carpenter at work

Everyone knows the oceans are in a trouble but how can we properly protect them when we don’t know much about what lives within them? Kent Carpenter is on a mission to learn more about marine species and the threats they are facing.

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Out of sight, not out of mind

Pygmy Hippo

The mysterious life of the pygmy hippo in the jungle of West Africa is being uncovered in an SOS-funded conservation project to save the species from extinction.

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Jeju: eco-wonder of the world

Horses facing the snow

The largest island of South Korea, Jeju is a crown jewel of the Yellow Sea. Wind-swept palm trees, sandy beaches and volcanic landscapes – not to forget a unique local culture – will be the stunning backdrop to the 2012 World Conservation Congress next September.

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Setting gold standards for conservation

A Yellow Hornbill in Kruger National Park, South Africa

An important role of the IUCN Congress is to showcase the knowledge and tools we can use to better manage our natural world. As well as being a world leader on species and their conservation needs, IUCN offers the expertise needed to establish and sustainably manage our protected areas.

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The IUCN Red List - Nature's early warning system

Grey Wolf (Canis lupus) 2008 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species category: Least Concern

How can we save biodiversity if we don’t know the threats facing our species and what the priorities are? The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ provides the world with the information needed to guide conservation action.

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Test your knowledge

View of Jeju Island, Republic of Korea How much do you know about biodiversity?
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Facts and figures

Bee and Flower Production of at least one third of the world’s food, including 87 of the 113 leading food crops, depends on pollination carried out by insects, bats and birds.
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People and nature

Removing crown of thorns sea anenomes in a marine protected area, Vietnam Browse our photo gallery!
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Check out the Congress site!

2012 Congress logo To know everything about the next IUCN World Conservation Congress taking place in Jeju, Korea, in September 2012.
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Reindeer: not just for Christmas

Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer may be famous for guiding Santa Claus through the night sky, but reindeer do more than just pull toy-laden sleighs.
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