On the ground

Planted forest, Viet Nam

Conservation of world’s forests key to planet’s survival

With only two months to go before a new climate deal is negotiated in Copenhagen, The Forests Dialogue calls on industrialized nations to ensure robust financial commitments for conservation and sustainable management of forests and on tropical countries to ensure that these new financial streams are fairly shared with forest dependant communities. …   | French | Spanish

01 Oct 2009 | International news release

Q’eqchí’-Maya girl helps to fill bags with soil in a large nursery in the Lachuá, Guatemala

REDD: putting women at risk or providing opportunities?

Jeannette Gurung of WOCAN highlights some of the gender differentiated impacts of REDD.

01 Oct 2009 | News story

Edible bamboo shoots for sale in Northern Lao PDR

Getting REDD right for forest people

Mark Poffenberger of Community Forestry International calls for the climate mitigation negotiations to take account of the rights and concerns of forest dependent people. …  

01 Oct 2009 | News story

Bosque tropical

América Latina analiza las oportunidades y los desafíos para la aplicación de mecanismos REDD

Luego de que la Convención Marco de Naciones Unidas sobre Cambio Climático (UNFCCC), durante su última reunión realizada en Bali, a finales de 2007, reconociera a la reducción de emisiones por deforestación y degradación de bosques (REDD) como un mecanismo de mitigación del cambio climático, América Latina analiza los retos y oportunidades de REDD. …  

30 Oct 2008 | News story