Towards a biodiversity strategy for Vattenfall

25 June 2010 | Article

 IUCN is helping Vattenfall, a major energy provider in Europe, to address their biodiversity and ecosystem issues by advising them on their biodiversity strategy.

 IUCN was invited by Vattenfall to present to a diverse group of employees on biodiversity and ecosystem services, with the aim of informing how the company is addressing these issues. In addition to presenting on biodiversity issues relevant to their business (focusing on hydropower, biomass and offshore renewable technologies), IUCN had initial discussions with the Vattenfall environment team about opportunities for collaborating on sustainably sourcing biomass for co-generation in power plants, and on integrated water resource management in the context of hydropower facilities.

Vattenfall has developed an interesting approach to measuring their biodiversity footprint called the biotope method. They are using the method for the full lifecycle of their energy products to report on their footprint (including, e.g. uranium mine sites run by Rio Tinto for nuclear energy).

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