Sur le terrain

Sa’anapu community mangrove conservation area, Samoa

Boosting the defences

In the Pacific, coastal ecosystems, particularly mangroves, are under severe threat. Increasing population, coastal development, squatter settlements and increasing demand for resources are having a serious impact. With climate change only making things worse for these vulnerable areas, IUCN is taking action. …  

01 Nov 2010 | News story

Seaweed culture initiative

Strength in diversity

In Kudawa, a fishing village near the Kalpitiya peninsula in northwestern Sri Lanka, local people rely heavily on the Bar Reef Marine Sanctuary, an area of rich biodiversity that suffers from over-fishing and illegal exploitation. They are starting to look at how to diversify their livelihoods in the face of climate change that is creating an uncertain future for all. …  

01 Nov 2010 | News story

Comunidad Playa Grande discuss options for vulnerability reduction

Taking control

The devastating aftermath of tropical storm Agatha in Central America which caused widespread flooding across much of the region, graphically illustrated the vulnerability of local communities to climate change. …  

01 Nov 2010 | News story